Prisin pleads with Angela Dobrovolsky for a counterfeit check from her ex-husband


Josep Maria Manat’s ex-wife sits on the bench in early July

processed in court
processed in courtAntonio Moreno

The second trial for Angela Dobrovolsky despite the extensive judicial front that she has opened with her ex-husband, television producer and member of La Trinca Josep Maria Manat. In early July, she will sit on the Bench of the Criminal Court No. 1 of Barcelona accused of the continuing crime of lying in a commercial document, as well as fraud with the use of an authentic identity document by someone who is not valid. For all of them, the prosecutor asks for a prison sentence of three years and a fine of 3,600 euros.

In particular, the Ministry of Public Affairs accused Dobrovolsky of falsifying the signature of two bank checks for 4,100 euros from her ex-husband’s account. According to the indictment, Dobrovolsky allegedly committed these crimes in August 2020, two months after she allegedly attempted to murder her ex-husband by injecting insulin at the family home, for which he is being prosecuted. Is. He was arrested for the second time by Mossos d’Esquadra for the scandal, although he was later released with charges.

The couple were in the process of getting a divorce in August 2020, when the defendant allegedly took a bank check book from his former partner, which he found at an address shared by Barcelona, ​​and filled out one of them, worth 1,200 euros. misrepresenting the firm of Manat and keeping his sister as the beneficiary.

The defendant went to a bank branch located in Avenida Repubblica Argentina in Barcelona to cash the check, displaying his sister’s DNI and possibly falsifying her signature on the back of the check. The prosecutor’s office also accused him of fraudulently encashing another check with another 2,900 euros, also using his sister’s name and ID. On one occasion, the defendant went to cash a check in a bank with his face partially covered with a cap and glasses to avoid being identified.

This won’t be the only time Angela Dobrovolsky sits on the bench. Barcelona’s Court of Instruction number 32 processed him for attempted murder and there is also an open case for sending messages to Manat’s mobile for the prohibition of communicating with him. A few months ago he had been jailed for 17 months for the offenses of violating the precautionary measure and for trying to reach Mainat’s house in January last year by climbing a wall, despite the fact that he was denied access. accepted the sentence.

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