Prisoner in Bigastro, accused of murdering his son and abusing another


The woman had warned of an alleged domestic accident, but according to the Civil Guard, there were many contradictions in her statements

Arrested for the death of his two-year-old son and misbehavior of his twin in BigstroWorld
  • planning A woman arrested for the murder of her two-year-old son in Bigstro

Arrested in Bigastro (Alicante) after 32-year-old woman 27 month old son dies has been charged with murder and relentless misbehavior with a minor as well as injuring him baby twin brother,

According to the report of the Armed Institute, the woman alerted at around 9:15 pm on Saturday 11. alleged domestic accident For which one of his sons had hit his head on the table and lost consciousness, but on the arrival of the police officers civil guardA contrast was found between the mother’s expression and the observed signals.

on arrival health services And Civil Guard agents, health workers tried to revive the little boy, but his death was confirmed only 20 minutes later.

After a preliminary study conducted by medical Examiner1:15 p.m. The little boy’s body was picked up and moved Alicante General Hospital For a medical examination and later, at the Institute of Forensic Medicine to conduct an autopsy.

poor treatment

after receiving various indications that the event was the result of a abuse case Continued in family atmosphere, on Monday the 13th Polika Judicial Guardmar de Segura arrested the minors’ mother.

After various tests, it is found that dead minor’s body There was a sequence of injuries on different dates, many of them earlier, some the day before his deathAnd on other Saturdays too.

other brotherwho had been under since Saturday morning sole relative custody Those with whom he had contact were transferred to the General Hospital in Alicante on the 13th for a detailed study sore who also presents

Sources with knowledge of the matter said that the woman, who according to the residents of the municipality I didn’t have a job and didn’t have a profile of a violent personMother of three children, one elder and two twins, one of whom is dead,

The detainee, an Albanian citizen and who, despite not having a record, custody was withdrawn Of two minors due to drug addiction, this Wednesday will be put available to court Orihuela’s Instruction No. 2K.

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