Prosecutor Burjsot appeals supervised release of minors and requests their detention


He considers this to be the most appropriate remedy and is based on the judge’s orders of release, in which he sees “reasonable indications of the commission of the offence”.

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  • burjasoto Five minors detained for alleged rape of two girls in Burjasot have been released on probation

The prosecutor’s office announced late this Friday that it has appealed the decision of the head of Valencia’s Juvenile Court 2 to release five minors who were arrested for their alleged involvement in the sexual assault of two girls in the Valencian city of Burjasot. it was done. In his appeal, he has requested his detention in a closed governance center “as he considers this measure more appropriate to the facts.”

He made this request for four of them, while for the fifth he considered probation, but the judge changed his criteria at the last minute and dropped them all despite the fact that in his record he believed that there were “reasonable evidence of the commission of an offence” Anything else? “risk” As per the profiles of the minors, three of them are 16 years old, one 15 and the other 17 years old.

For the judge, the arguments made by her defense and the contradictions in the girls’ versions justified not applying “a precautionary measure as cumbersome as detention” until further progress in the investigation.

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