Prosecutor requests third autopsy of body of political aunt of actor Luis Lorenzo


Luis Lorenzo and his accomplices are being investigated for the alleged commission of the crime of murder leading to the violent death of Maria Isabel

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Actor Luis Lorenzo outside the courts.Europa Press
  • madrid Luis Lorenzo’s wife asked for poverty subsidies and social electricity bonuses with 127,025 euros hidden in the canap
  • planning Arancha, actor Luis Lorenzo’s companion in the Dungeon: “If I had known this, I would have cremated my aunt”

prosecutor of the case in which the actor is investigated luis lorenzo and his wife arantxa palomino The judge has asked for the third post-mortem of his body. Maria Isabel S.A. Legal sources have told how the old woman’s death was caused by the consumption of heavy metals.

luis lorenzo and is being investigated for the alleged commission of the offense of murder leading to the violent death of his accomplice mara isabelleWho died on June 28 at the couple’s family home Rivas Vasimadrid,

women, 85 to . untilHe died three months after settling in Madrid, months in which he suffered significant degeneration as a result of the dementia he was clearly suffering from and was diagnosed with at the time. At the first autopsy, coroners said the cause of death was uncertain.

The second post-mortem of the old woman revealed that she died “Acute Heavy Metal Intoxication”, whose presence is found at “very high levels above normal”. The amount of cadmium detected will be 200 times higher than the normal limit, while the amount of manganese found in the body is twenty times higher than normal.

Arancha Palomino, actor Luis Lorenzo’s partner: “My aunt is not poisoned”World

With this third forensic analysis, prosecutors Wants to know if the consumption of metals was progressive Or, conversely, it was done 24 hours before death.

In the letter, a representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested the judge to take a statement from the doctors who had treated the woman in recent months, as well as from the notary, in front of whom the power of attorney was signed, who The actor’s wife was authorized to access. in the bank account of the deceased

near death

The second autopsy revealed that cadmium and manganese intake This happened near the time of death. Experts denied that these metals were inhaled as a result of poisonous gases, because the woman lived with more people and is not affected more by that reason.

Forensic experts are also called upon by the presence of four types of psychotropic drugs of antipsychotic or neuroleptic type in the blood and hair, two of them to be prescribed.

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