Prosecutor’s Office issues TSJ to investigate Manika Oltra for “relevant evidence” in abuse of her ex-husband


The Ministry of the Public recognizes the Chamber as competent and requests that “such procedures as may be necessary to determine the degree of participation” of the Vice President be carried out.

Vice President M.
Vice President Manika Oltra, at a news conference this Friday.EFE

fiscal Sees “relevant evidence” against Vice President manika oltra in terms of management infringement From her ex-husband to a minor in guardianship. The Civil and Criminal Chamber has been informed about this. high Court of Justice In the letter to the Valencian Community in which it recognizes its ability to instruct and, where appropriate, to prosecute, the Vice President of the Consul.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office requests that “as many procedures as are necessary to complete the fact-check and determine the degree of involvement of the person assessed”. This is the first time that the prosecutor’s office has ruled on Oltra’s involvement in the case. In fact, during the officers’ statements, he played a much more secondary role than the instructor, who took on the burden of interrogation. Now, although it does not do so in depth and limits itself to verifying that there are “for now, relevant indications” against the person assessed that should be investigated, the method of doing so is the allegation, A question that the Chamber will decide.

The prosecutor’s office thus opens the door for Oltra’s investigation, but does not agree with the investigating judge that the entire case has been transferred to the TSJ. Regarding the 13 high-ranking officers and officials who are already charged, he assured that “at a later stage it will be assessed whether competence should be assumed”, according to the letter from the high court.

judge Vincent RossoOn 1 April the matter was taken to the TSJ, understanding that “it was no longer possible to make progress in the investigation ordered by the Provincial Court of Valencia.” [Mnica Oltra] The inquiry will be heard without damaging the constitutional right to their defense and right to action of the accusing parties and the defense of the accused parties,” the magistrate assured in summing up his arguments.

For the instructor, the facts examined after collecting the testimony of 13 equality professionals were “reasonable, serious and well-established indications of Oltra’s involvement” and after which he concluded that “there was not a definite desire at any time”. Clarify the criminally relevant facts repeatedly exposed by the girl and attributed to the husband of Monica Oltra”.

Along with the prosecutor’s office, the then-minor’s defense has also submitted its brief, which also recognizes the TSJ’s ability to take the case before “multiple circumstantial elements that all point in the same and unique direction”. . “At that point, it is disqualifying that the Chamber considers the jurisdiction to be able to continue the investigation and also in the interest and protection of Mrs. Oltra’s right to defend,” the lawyer assured in his brief.

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