PSC encourages families to continue to claim 25% of Spanish in court


Its law “does not preclude compliance with the sentence” of constitutional entities, warning the generalitat and directors of criminal responsibilities.

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  • justice They condemn the Generalitat for using Canet to promote a “lynching” “tactic” for parents who demand Spanish
  • Catalonia Dozens of families follow Canet’s example and begin the process of requesting 25% of Castilian

PSC chose the side. Yesterday, Catalan socialists abandoned Catalonia families who claim their right to bilingual schooling for their children and forced them to continue fighting for the application of 25% Spanish in the courts.

formed under the leadership of Salvador Island With their votes allowed that the Freedom Movement and the Commons together with the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) to circumvent the sentence processed by an immediate route to be approved next Friday, five days before the expiration of the law to be done. The time limit imposed on the Generalitat to enforce the rule.

Despite the fact that the new criterion did not serve to circumvent the sentence, the government showed its intent to take advantage of a trick devised by the new Catalan linguistic quadrangle to disobey the High Court. The law confirms the Catalan school model and protects centers from punishment that requires them to teach in Spanish for 25% of teaching hours, the education minister claims, Josep Gonzalez-CambreAfter tying up socialist support, that allows separatism to claim it has broad political and social consensus, maintaining immersion and settling in contempt.

In an exercise of contravention and public contravention, Ila said yesterday that the agreement keeps Castilian as the language of the vehicular and judicial resolution that stipulates 25% Spanish must be followed. The truth is that the Socialist Label Law establishes no minimum percentage for the use of Spanish in Catalonia’s schools and replaces the common language with a curricular condition, equating it with another subject, such as English, and It denies, in any case, the condition of the vehicle which is specifically granted to Catalan.

The PSC movement has activated constitutional parties and institutions against the monolingual education system. Vox and Ciudadanos – the PP does not have its own group in parliament – agreed yesterday to file an appeal with the Consel de Guarantes Estatutries to try to delay approval of the law and not see the light past the limit set by the TSJC. could. apply sentences. The body, which relies on the Generalitat, has seven business days to resolve and believes it will speed up the deadline so as not to shorten the government’s strategy, which is set to strengthen its response to the court’s decision on Friday. intends to approve a decree.

The Association for a Bilingual School (AEB) in Catalonia, recently legitimized by the TSJC to demand the forced execution of the sentence, is already preparing to condemn violations of the ruling if the Generalitat on 1 June makes it to all schools. Not implementing. In Catalonia, as his latest maneuvers suggest. The goal is to prevent the parent from pointing it out themselves. But the parents who have obtained the support of the High Court to claim the execution of the sentence can claim the directors to enforce the same.

Entities promoting bilingualism infer the disobedient intent of the Generalitat, but they do not give the law promoted by the PSC the ability to convince the TSJC that its sentence has already been served as the government intends to settle the case.

There are no rules that prevent compliance. The accepted law is not much different in its literality from the current Catalan Education Law (LEC), which also establishes that Catalan is the language commonly used as the language of vehicles. There is no need to change the criteria of TSJC. The 15-day extension was not for the government to do legal engineering to avoid punishment, but to comply, warned the lawyer. pepe sundayWhich designs the AEB offensive.

fines and criminal liability

The president of Impulso Ciudadano has also warned of possible criminal responsibilities of officials and officials responsible for the violations, and possible fines to the Minister of Education and compensation to the affected families. The senseless action of the Catalonia government could cost the treasury hundreds of thousands of euros in compensation. This aspect should also be given importance, he warned.

The two sides of the Spanish government have been implicated in the deliberate purpose of blocking the action of the courts, condemning the president of the AEB, ana losada, who accuse the PSC of lying and warns that they will take all action so that the punishment can be carried out. Counselors and directors should think about what to do, he insists.

Since this is a sentence that derives from the doctrine of the Constitutional Court, this legislative reform is irrelevant. This is a legal-political fraud which is really indecent for a democratic parliament. glory lakePresident of Hablamos Espal.

Also President of Citizen Coexistence, angel escolanoRecalls that the principle of the TC establishes that it is constitutionally mandated that two co-official languages ​​be recognized as vehicles, which, in his opinion, reduces the PSC law to a dead letter and propaganda And a completely ineffective means. Avoid complying with the 25% sentence.

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