PSOE and PP play a change of political cycle in Andalusian elections


Sanchez and Feijo turn 19J into a playground where they measure the nation’s election temperature

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Alberto Nez Feijo with Juanma Moreno in SevilleEFE
  • 19J Moreno’s PP shoots in front of PSOE’s pause and Woakes braking
  • CIS PP will increase its distance from PSOE and win more seats than all remaining seats together

The Andalusian election on June 19 will serve to find out whether political change is consolidated in Spain’s most populous community, following the first legislature with the Socialists in opposition, but with the goal of measuring the country’s electoral temperature and validating the change. Also for cycles which some demographic indicators indicate.

On the one hand, Pedro Sánchez hopes to prevent the personal breakdown of himself and his government. and he does so by personally involving himself and his council of ministersWith the distribution of last-minute investments to Andalusia, and serves to deploy former mayor Juan Espadas to the campaign Seville which Sanchez entrusted to eliminate susanismo and recover the lost possession.

At the moment, the forecast is unfavourable, to the extent that PSOE is beginning to be satisfied with repeating the 2018 results, which were then the worst in the history of autonomy. It will be worth it if the PP does not get a sufficient majority to rule alone and is forced, as in Castilla y León, to open the door of the junta to Vox.

The Swords, on the other hand, may rely little on the parties to their left, which seem bent on sabotaging themselves, with Podemos, IU and Ms. Paas running together but at different speeds, while Teresa Rodriguez votes. and undermine credibility. , The indecision of Yolanda Díaz, who supports the Por Andaluca Coalition but commits herself too much, also contributes to that feeling of giving.

For his part, Alberto Nez Feijo tests his leadership’s drive in the first election pulse after a painful turnaround at the head of the PP.

According to the polls, the victory of Juanma Moreno seems undeniable. As is also the fact that with the help of Vox, he can be sworn in as President again. But the popular candidate aims to preserve the power of the board without delegating populist authority to any institutional quota, due to the notoriety that it would be necessary for the image of moderation to represent the alternative claims of both the Andalusian PP and Feijo.

loss popular They don’t want to repeat the model of Castile and Leon And Isabel Diaz longs for a significant majority like Ayuso. They believe they can achieve this, moreover, with the exact opposite strategy of the President of Madrid Community. Moreno is convinced he has room to find new support in the center and centre-left, after uncovering the guts of dozens of self- and third-party polls that show a significant portion of the socialist electorate (about 10%) ) ) That, he has not only generalized that there is a right-wing government across the board, but he sees Moreno as a good manager without much ideological fanfare.

The appeal for the useful vote has become a constant in Juanma Moreno’s speech, seeking support in return for stability and institutional trust.

Citizens, for their part, are at stake for the survival of the liberal project in Spain. Elections give them no more than three deputies, but one last carrom may save the party if those two or three minor deputies become necessary in order to consolidate the PP’s majority and renew their coalition agreement.

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