PSOE Joins Podemos And Increases Social Security Contribution Without Limit But Says That “Accidentally”


The government assures that the plenary session of Congress will correct the voting decision inspired by Podemos in the processing of the Pension Fund Act

Government chairman Pedro S.
Pedro Sanchez, chairman of the government in Congress.EFE
  • anti-crisis decree Government agrees with Bildu to increase non-contributory pension by 15% from July to the end of the year

PSOE has extended Social Security contributions without limits in the law to create pension funds without waiting to consult the measure with social agents. This came to the fore when the Socialist Parliamentary Group adopted an amendment by United We Can to do away with the maximum contribution limit to Social Security. According to the accepted amendment, it is necessary to stop “as a redistribution mechanism” Because that’s how “highest people contribute with their income”. Currently, the maximum contribution bases affect those who earn more than 45,000 euros.

This is a measure that the inclusion minister is considering, Jose Luis EscriveTo ensure the stability of the pension system, but he had already promised to take it into the social dialogue, which has not happened with this approval.

Socialist and government sources assure that this is “an error” and that the PSOE itself will correct it in the next phase of legislation at the plenary session of the Congress of Deputies. The error is attributed to the chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Social Security that approved the legislation and who is none other than Podemos’ deputy. Antonio Gomez-Reino,

According to the explanation of socialist sources, “Before starting the vote on the amendment, the Socialist Parliamentary Group has asked the lawyer for the voting script. When the voting has started, the voting blocks are formed and changed.” According to his version, “UP arrived at the amendments clause, specifically on the vote on amendments: 57, 58, 59 and 60, andThat Socialist Parliamentary Group has understood that it voted for Transaction 59 of the United We CanWhen what was being voted on, they were amendments collectively”.

For this reason, “the Socialist Parliamentary Group will present a separate vote to correct this in a vote to be held in the plenary session next week.”

The Social Security Commission this Thursday approved a draft regulation law to boost employment pension schemes, which would constitute the final parliamentary procedure before being put up for a vote and debate in the lower house plenary next week. later to the Senate for referral.

The vote proceeded with 19 votes in favour, 12 votes against and six votes against. Notably, they voted in favor of PSOE, in addition to United We Can. prc And this PNV. Buildau and Woakes refrained, while Republican Left, Commitments And Ciudadanos voted against it.

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