PSOE makes last call to vote to avoid disaster and PP, so as not to depend on Vox

Election Andalusia 2022


Juanma Moreno activates all his resources to try to relieve the PSOE as the hegemonic party in Andalusia, while the socialists fight against elections to avoid breaking their electoral ground again.

Juanma Moreno at a rally in Malaga.
Juanma Moreno at a rally in Malaga.alex xiaEuropa Press
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During the past four decades, popular sociology has more or less established the theory that Andalusia is a mostly leftist region in which the right wins only when there is too much abstinence. So PSOE In December 2018, he has assigned his entire campaign to re-activate the 400,000 voters who stayed at home and caused the first political upheaval in the history of autonomy.

PSOE has centered its strategy on one slogan: “If we vote, we win.” But, if most of what has been told in the polls is true, it is likely that many of the socialist voters who participated in the previous Andalusian elections will decide to vote, but will do so. people’s party, And, therefore, mobilization is no longer a factor in favor of the victory of the Left.

PP, who opted for a low-profile campaign to not ruin his promising forecasts, has also realized that overconfidence and a heat wave could sabotage his victory. The “will of the beach”, says the PP candidate, could ruin the substantial majority it needs to rule without ties (Vox), ignoring that it was Juanma Moreno himself who led the elections. Decided to go ahead and set them one up. June 19A few hours before the start of summer and in the middle of the Corpus Christi Bridge (at least in Seville and Granada).

PSOE was clear even before the formal start of the election campaign that it would have to put all the meat on the grill, and mobilized former presidents, ministers and regional barons to assist Juan Espadas.

In the PP, with election tailwinds raising its sails, electoral tensions have been less and less, precisely because of the risk that its voters are overconfident and think the party has won. And because the real challenge for the PP, where the credibility of his speech is at stake, is to gain enough support in the Andalusian government to oust Vox. Moreno has never ruled out a deal with the party of Santiago Abascal and Macarena Olona, ​​but his position is increasingly resistant to agreements that link the PP with those who want to return powers to the state and Climate change or vice versa. For policies of equality.

In parallel, Vox’s national leadership has taken over the reins of the Andalusian campaign, openly defending Macarena Olona after an unfortunate start amid complaints about her fraudulent registration and dismantling of folklore.

Olona did not forcefully join the campaign, until a debate held in channel on Last Monday, he warned Moreno that he would not even count on his boycott if he did not agree to talks for a coalition government. This Friday PP talked about “blackmail”.

For their part, the Left has also warned them not to rely on their collusion to stop the extreme Right. The only possible ally is still Ciudadanos, although elections consider the possibility that Juan Marín could stay out of parliament. And, amid the dangers and abandonment, the climate of the past is rising in temperature.

On the evening of closing, with the thermometers warming, Moreno, Espadas and Olona made final appeals to their voters in three enclaves located a few kilometers along Guadalquivir. Vowel on the banks of the Triana and on the PP of Seville, perhaps condemned to meet again, but with the deep water abyss of the river in between.

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