PSOE ousted the mayor of Podemos in Palma when the Pride organizer said: “People will come from the countryside who have never seen gays”.


Socialist Mayor Hila sacks Podemos councilor for promoting ‘Pride Week’. War broke out between the parties after one of the organizers said: “It’s a great occasion, they’ll look at a homosexual and say: ‘Look, he’s like any other person'”.

Balearic President, Francina Armengol, Mayor of Palma, with Josso
The Balearic President, Francina Armengol, with the Mayor of Palma, Jose Hila.

PSOE and its government allies the Nationalists of the Balearic Islands (Podemos and Ms) lose an absolute majority in Palma city council, main political stronghold After government and island governments.

And they do so after a power crisis of colors WeirdThe outbreak erupted as a result of statements from the person in charge of organizing Gay Pride Week and its organization, who was in charge of the Council of Podemos. Sonia VivasNow Samajwadi Mayor sacked Jose shakes.

It all started when, a few days ago, during the presentation of Pride Week starting next Saturday (the appointment has been cancelled), the organizer of the event, German Kristin Hansen based in Mallorca, said that ‘Pride Week’ was a great occasion. ‘ Will happen. And that would be because, among other things, “People will come from the countryside who have never seen a homosexual and they will say ‘Look, a homosexual … is like any other person'”.

These statements were crowned with other reflections, such as “if you go 15 kilometers within the island there is another mindset and this is an opportunity to change the Majorcans and the national society”.

Meat Meat

In addition to immediately becoming the meat of memes, outrage and mass ridicule, the phrase in question was the spark that sparked the regime’s biggest crisis that has been presented. francina armengolo Since the government’s re-issue of the agreement in 2019.

To make matters worse, everything happens a year before the next regional elections and important projects are approved, such as the urban plan for Palma.

Since the day of the controversial statements, and despite a public apology from Hansen, who claimed he expressed himself poorly and pardoned himself in his command of the language, an internal riot broke out in Palma city council. Which ended abruptly with the departure of Vivas and the fracture of Podemos, who in a statement recognized by the ruling faction represented by Alberto Jarabo came to attack the other councillors.

Appearing controversy over “gayers and townspeople” has been used by Ms.’s nationalists, who are third accomplices in the discord, to attack her attitude towards Vivas and LGBTI Pride Week.

In addition to the apparent outburst, nationalist and historical entities of the LGBTI group belonging to them announced they would not participate in the controversial festival and drew strong criticism yesterday. “Tourism and Commodification” of incident. In the same vein, he has insisted in recent hours that the appointment, which he claims, be taken up as a commercial and economic attraction.

It rebutted Vivas and issued a statement criticizing Ms Per Mallorca’s leader in Palma, Ness Truyol, whom she had also attacked for being indicted in the Inquisition of the discharge of dirty water into the Gulf of Palma. The statement of the Podemos councillor, who did not support the formation, also threatened to block the urban planning.

red lines

The mayor of Palma, under pressure from members of his own party, by his allies in Ms. and with the support of President Armengol, has signed off on Vivas’ dismissal this Thursday. “There are red lines that cannot be crossed.” The mayor would not give up his job and the government party would lose the 15 council members who had previously given him a majority in the plenary session by a margin of one vote in relation to the opposition.

Given this scenario, Mayor Hilla has remained calm about the prospect of being able to garner support from other municipal groups.

“It is not the decision of the parties, but personality“. And he continued: “I have always tried to have all Rezidor in the team, but at this point, I have made this decision. It wasn’t easy, but it was the best option.”

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