PSOE postpones possible departure of CNI director until the end of the internal investigation into the secret services


Director of CNI, Paz Esteban.
Director of CNI, Paz Esteban.Alberto Di Lolli
  • Pegasus Allies and opposition keep the case alive and agree to accuse the government of undermining “trust in institutions”.
  • Government Sanchez calls on PSOE ministers to try to support legislature

CNI director’s figure, peace stephen, has been in the column since independence supporters complained that they were spied on and it got worse when the government made public that the cell phones of Pedro Sánchez and Minister Margarita Robles were spied on. The executive left Esteban’s future up in the air, delving into the thesis that he would be charged with trying to quell the anger of his Nationalist allies. But the decision about his future, although everything seems to point to it—leaving office—feels cold, in the sense that PSOE postpones it until the end of the open investigation into the Spanish secret services. Would have happened

When the controversy broke out, and in the face of demands and threats from partners such as the ERC to make the legislature unfeasible, the government promised nationalists measures such as an internal inquiry by the CNI and another Lokpal. “The opening of an internal control in the CNI at the request of the same body”, explained the Presidential Minister Flix Bolaos in an emergency visit to the Generalitat to try to defuse the conflict.

La Moncloa’s determination to leave the director of the CNI alone, placing him in the spotlight, clashed with the perseverance of the Defense Minister, who supported his work and efforts. The decision has been taken, at least it has come to the fore in government sources, but it does not seem imminent. At least that’s what emerged after a meeting of the federal executive of PSOE on Monday, chaired by Pedro Sanchez. Yes, Paz Esteban is still not confirmed in future status, but CNI has sought to hold that internal investigation as an argument.

“We understand that responsibilities can be asked, but if they are to be assumed, it will be one time what has happened,” PSOE spokesman Felipe Sicilia said. “Let us know if it could have been avoided how it could have been avoided. Let’s wait to see what the internal controls say, what the findings say and we will see what demands and responsibilities are to be met.” “

The appearance of the person in charge of the CNI in Congress at the Official Secrets Commission revealed that 18 nationalist leaders, including Pere Aragon, were spied on, but under judicial authority. There was judicial protection and they were no more than 60 people whom the Citizen Lab report said the independence movement was sticking. Therefore, the arguments for the immediate dismissal of Paz Esteban were bland, because what he had shown had proceeded legally and with authority. To this was added Robles’ reluctance to succumb to the independence movement and to hand over a scapegoat.

Robles is a minister for the socialist sector, but she is not from the PSOE. And in this case there is evidence of varying strength in the defense of the CNI and its response to the demands of the nationalists. The director of the CNI “who has to have, has the support of, the defense minister, will be missing more. It is the minister who has to support him and he has done so”, is the line that marks the socialist.

Esteban is still in his position, “to this day” he specifics in PSOE, because “today there is not a single piece of information or a single reason why he is not in his position”. Once the internal investigation is over and it is known why the spying on Pedro Sanchez’s cell phone was not detected or why it took a year to find out, decisions will be made. “Decision with strength and determination”, they work in PSOE, if they have arguments that legitimize the decision to dismiss Esteban.

The findings of that internal control are yet to emerge and, in fact, the intentions of ministers and senior government officials are still being analysed. La Moncloa still has no basis on which to view the departure of the man in charge of the secret services as acceptance of the demands of the Nationalists. “That internal control continues. If it is necessary to continue to take measures, they will continue,” Sicilia speculates.

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