PSOE together with PP&CS reforms and votes in favor of relaunching gas infrastructure with Podmos


Socialists now support the construction of Midcat and revive the El Mussel gasification plant “due to the current energy and geopolitical context”.

Second Vice President, Yolanda Do
Second Vice President, Yolanda Daz, and Third, Teresa RiberasJuan Carlos HidalgoEFE

PSOE has reformed its energy policy maintained until the Russian invasion of Ukraine against activating new gas pipelines and regasification plants and voted together with the Popular Party and citizens. creating a new division in the coalition government,

After agreeing on this political force on a new transactional terms with PSOE and Ciudadanos, the Congress of Deputies approved with an overwhelming majority of 291 votes in favor of an illegal proposal from the PP on gas interconnection. However, Podemos and PSOE’s general investment partners have voted against considering it means reactivating an energy source such as gas.

With the approved text, Parliament supports the construction of the Midcat gas pipeline, which is considered “critical” by the European Commission to bring gas from Spain through the Pyrenees and thus reduce dependence on Russia. The parliamentary resolution urges the government to simplify the necessary procedures so that it can be considered a project of common interest and has European funding. PSOE states that it accepts because it will be an infrastructure “compatible with green hydrogen”. Approval for PSOE has been a notoriously laggy, since the third vice-president, Theresa Rivera, had buried the Midcat project from 2018 as part of its commitment to gradually phase out gas as an energy source. In fact, it has not been made, as neither he nor his French counterpart has so far even sought to assess its interest, according to the European Commission. He justifies the change by “the current energy and geopolitical context”.

Finally, the Catalans of PSOE, PP, Vox, Ciudadanos, PNV, Foro Asturias and Esquerra and PdeCAT have supported this initiative as the gas pipeline crosses their autonomous community. opposite of this, United We Can, EH-Bildu, The Cup, Miss Pas-Eco, BNG and Comproms have declined the offer, While Junts and Teruel Exists have avoided.

According to the accepted text, the parliament urges “to strengthen and advance the development of gas, electricity and transport infrastructure in Spain, with a particular focus on interconnections with the rest of the European continent”. is about”Promoting gas exports to Northern Europe by taking advantage of the powerful network of gasifiers in the Spanish systemas well as the deployment of renewable technologies in our region”.

Even Parliament supports the strengthening of the gasifier’s network, already the largest in the European Union, by reviving another, the hibernation. In The Mussel, Asturias. “As a logistics point Facility of storage and supply ‘offshore’ to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to other European regasification facilities and of guaranteed supply to our European partners in the current geopolitical context without incurring costs to Spanish consumers provides.

We can do this against:

The vote marks a division in government, an essential chapter of energy policy. United We Can, a partner of PSOE in government, warned earlier during the debate that it would not support the proposal, given that the gas cannot be considered green energy, given the level of pollution emissions during its extraction and transportation. Due to, and recalling doubts over the feasibility of, the above gas pipeline.

So, your deputy Laura Lepez Dominguez According to Europa Press, it was pointed out during the debate that the project’s analysis, before dismissing it, showed that, by reducing the bill, it would increase it because of its cost, but it would also not reduce energy dependence. , even after simulating a power shortage, the Russian supply or relationship with the Maghreb.

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