PSOE will correct its error and maximum contribution to Social Security will be limited


With the support of PP, Vox and CS, decline your government partner’s offers and maintain a salary base cap of EUR 4,139.40 per month.

Hector Guamez, spokesman for the PSOE in the Congress of Deputies.Angel Navarrete
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PSOE has filed a special vote in Congress to try to correct its mistake last week, on the basis of which it has approved it. work commission Eliminate the limit on Social Security contributions for the highest wage, force employers to contribute to pension plans and cut personal income tax benefits for those considered in the draft law on employment pension plans. Socialists intend to maintain the top of the base that gives rise to the maximum contribution to Social Security at 4,139 euros per month.

PSOE’s error when voting on the three amendments proposed by its government partner, United We Can, means that these measures are included in the opinion of the bill that should be voted on by the chamber’s plenary next Thursday.

It will be in this process that PSOE will rectify its mistake by submitting its special vote for the Chamber to investigate. To do so, it needs to be approved by an absolute majority. Clearly, socialist reform would proceed as three opposition parties—PP, Vox and Ciudadanos—voted against the United We Can initiative at the Social Security Commission. Thus abstinence will suffice for these groups.

maximum base

If the reform of the PSOE is approved as expected, Social Security contributions will remain ‘capped’. Currently, in accordance with the General State Budget Law, the maximum contribution base has been set at 4,139.40 Euro per month.

The Socialist Group has thus proposed to the Chamber “to reject Amendments 57, 58 and 60” of the Confederal Group of United v Can-n Com Podem. Com. in Galicia “Approved and included in the opinion of the Commission, therefore reverting to being affected by the above amendments to the report of the presentation”.

Thus the amendment proposed by Uttar Pradesh to the first additional provision, sections one and two relating to Article 52.1 of the Personal Income Tax Act, as well as the addition of a new final provision, through which it has been amended. 19.2 The Royal Legislative Decree approves the consolidated text of the General Social Security Law.

This last article, which PSOE intends to retain without change, is the one that establishes that “the basis of Social Security contributions shall, in each of its regimes, be determined by the relevant general budget law for each year at a maximum number.” of the State and the amount of minimum inter-professional pay applicable at any time, as a ceiling, increased by one sixth, unless otherwise expressly provided.

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