PSOE’s ‘Army in Reserve’ arrives: “To baton the pole!” 19-J. of

  • 19-Ju PSOE raises its ‘reserve army’ to support Juan Espadas
  • the inspection PP widens gap with PSOE and reaches absolute majority

“Fuck the election!” army in reserve The PSOE has been mobilized this Sunday to support the socialist candidate Juan Espadas for the presidency of the Junta de Andaluca, and try to allay the predicted bad fears for the socialists in the next 19th Andalusian elections. is of. june.

army in reserve He is the regional president of PSOE, having attended an event at the Palacio de Congresos de Córdoba con Espadas this Sunday. Ministers Margarita Robles and Isabel Rodriguez and the government’s former vice president and current national deputy, Carmen Calvo, also participated. Of the nine autonomous barons of PSOE who rule in communities, seven have participated in the Forum, which is moderated by Eva Granados, PSOE’s spokesperson in the Senate.

The first person to send the demoscopic study of 19-J to the “club” has been Adrien Barban, president of the Principality of Asturias. “What do the elections say? To hell with the elections! Today’s crowds and the heat of the people in the street” is the true thermometer of the thinking of citizens, declared Barban, who has complained that “we want those drugs to discourage us.” To do and to forsake us.

But the Socialists don’t intend to give up or, at least, that’s the message they sent this Sunday, in the heat of the heat waves and with spectators trying to reduce the high temperatures with a fan blow.

“You have to sweat your shirt to the end; it’s a workers’ party,” said Zimo Puig, president of the Valencian Community, while a good part of the audience literally got sweat on their foreheads.

For the Socialists, the only valid vote is the June 19 election, warned Guillermo Fernández Vara, president of Extremadura, who recalled how elections in his autonomous community predicted victory for the PP and, in the end, “the PP won.” PSOE”. For this reason, “don’t listen to the elections”, he said.

The poll published this Sunday by EL Mundo shows that, a week after the call for elections Andaluca, Juanma Moreno’s PP consolidates itself as the force with the most votes, begins to approach an absolute majority and is already more than 11 percentage points ahead of its most direct rival, the socialist Juan Espadas, who Haven’t mobilized supporters with enough energy yet. Voters gave their confidence to PSOE in the 2018 elections, when Susannah Dazs was leading the lists.

The PSOE, in fact, does not appear to be coming back and remains stagnant at 25% support, four tenths in relation to last May’s election and three points from what Susannah Daz achieved in the 2018 elections. Socialists were the most voted political force, although the sum of the votes of PP, Ciudadanos and Vox stripped them of the options to govern after 37 years of hegemony.

Despite everything, the president of the government of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, has arranged for the socialists as “until the last minute” and there are still seven days left for the Andalusian elections. “Let no one tell us that everything is already lost” because “if we vote, we win”, he said.

La Rioja’s president, Concha Andreu, has explained that, when she came to government in 2019, after the PP phase, she found public health “destroyed”, but in three years she managed to strengthen public services.

Meanwhile, the president of the government of Aragon, socialist Javier Lamb, has valued the legacy of the Andalusian socialists and their presidents in the Junta de Andaluca, “from Escuredo to Susana Daz”, without mentioning the two former presidents of the PSOE. Indicted for corruption of the Andalusian government’s ERE, Manuel Chaves and José Antonio Grin.

Corruption, however, has been spoken by the PP’s, Zimo Puig, who has pointed out that his government has devoted itself to “cleaning up, reincarnating and stitching up corruption” to the legacy left by previous officials of the Popular Party.

The chairman of the government of the Canary Islands, NGL Victor Torres, for his part, has attacked the “incompetence” of the Andalusian government, headed by Juanma Moreno, as it has left the funds transferred by the central government unexecuted, while the Canary Islands Group and the Balearic Islands “Spent all the bitches.”

The Swords, for their part, take pride in the “campaign” that PSOE is building in Andalusia, “leaving us the liver” to cause the Andalusian people to vote for socialists. He also thanked “seven out of nine presidents” who rule in autonomous communities who have participated in the Córdoba Forum.

The PSOE candidate has been convinced that they will “twist” the elections and have a “socialist comeback”, as they will “fill the ballots” with progressive votes because the people “want rights, not rights”.

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