Puig Prepares for Worst Scenario: Another Accused and Cast as Generalitat’s ‘Number Two’


Socialism fears the vice president will refuse to resign and drag the president

Generalitat's president, Zimo Puig, on a visit to the Prado Museum this week.
Generalitat’s president, Zimo Puig, on a visit to the Prado Museum this week.Sergio PerezEFE
  • infringement The Prosecutor’s Office confirms that Oltra devised a “pre-established plan” to defame her ex-husband’s victim
  • Courts Monica Oltra Challenges the Prosecutor’s Office and Sticks to the Vice President

In Generalata’s Palace Valencia is holding her breath these days. It is believed that, after the loud declaration of the prosecutor’s office against Monica Oltra, the day the Valencian vice president is charged is almost upon us. high Court of Justice The Valencian community these days debates whether to call the leader to testify in a case of abuse of a minor under the guardianship of her ex-husband. Along with 13 technicians and officers from his department, Oltra is accused of orchestrating a “pre-established plan” to cover up the incidents. However, the leader of commitment In the event of not resigning even after being accused, she has not bowed even a millimeter so far.

And the president of the Generalitat, Zimo Puig, is already preparing for this scenario: a vice-president of the Consel alleged and has no intention of stepping down because, in his opinion, everything is against him a campaign by the extreme authority. is part of. , Arguments, by the way, that the party of Oltra (Compromis) have maintained after the announcement of the prosecutor’s office, which has been accused of promoting “oppression”. now, with number two For his scrutinized government, the coordinates to which Puig would have to move could not have been worse a year before the election. Not in vain, the socialist baron has raised the flag of democratization and overcoming “distinguished hostages” after cases of corruption. people’s party,

Sources close to the president confirm concerns about the scenario in which Oltra was accused and refused to resign. Firstly, because politically all the pressure will be transferred to the head of the consul. Even more so if possible, because PP and . Both citizens You Vocal They have been demanding the sacking of Oltra for some time now. Second, because a hypothetical rupture of the government agreement to force Oltra’s resignation would threaten the death of the third legislature of the leftist government between the PSOE, the Compromise, and the Left. United we can,

If the Vice President does not step down voluntarily, it will be the head of the Consul who has in-principle decision-making ability. But Puig’s hands are tied. In fact, the option of demolishing it and consequently compromising is not even considered. at least for now. In addition, Oltra appears in defense of the socialist baron in the case of his brother Francis Puig, who was investigated for alleged subsidy fraud.

Another is that the leader of the Compromise resigned, also pressured by his own party, which, in any case, publicly maintains its unwavering support. Without leaving the script, Puig insisted yesterday Alicante In which we will have to wait for the rule of justice: “Based on the decision it makes, we will act as usual.” But it carried a message: When it was their turn, the Socialists had assumed responsibility “long before any other party”.

Thus Puig responded to the demand of the chairman of the PPCV, carlos mazon, that it takes action on the Oltra case, for example the PSPV-PSOE, unlike the PP, expelled those involved in the Azud conspiracy and resigned the socialist mayor of Alicante at the time. Now, Puig’s message matches the one sent to Oltra a few weeks earlier by the secretary of the Organization of the Valencian Socialists, this time directly. Asked about the possible allegation, Jose Munozu He recalled that he had set an example by resigning when it was his turn. It was not necessary to read between the lines, because when Justice Minister Gabriela Bravo said that if she had been in Oltra’s position, she would have resigned.

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