Puigdemont creates its own “Republican Court” to mediate between the separatists and as the “embryo” of the future Catalan judiciary.


The Consel Per La Repubblica Generalita begins with an alternative government plan.

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Puigdemont in BelgiumEFE
  • Policy Carles Puigdemont called for the Consel per la Repubblica to replace the parties in the new phase of the ‘Prox’.

In the Catalan law of legal transience, which approved Parliament of Catalonia In September 2017, in a 1-O order, independence parties established 89 articles that should govern a declaration of secession. One of the most controversial criteria was the “judicial power of law and the administration of justice” which replaced the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia in the Supreme Court of Catalan Republic and whose chairman, as well as that of each jurisdiction, shall be appointed by the President of independent Catalonia, on the proposal of a commission mixed between politicians and judges.

The criterion not applied when deportation laws were declared unconstitutional was one of the most controversial approved by the libertarians because they directly attacked separation of powers In the rule of law, the same thing that sovereignty accuses Spain of.

However, the former president of the Generalitat, C.Arles PuigdemontHe does not forget the project of judicial intervention as the Consel per la Repubblica, in the presentation of his plan of the government of the Jiva. the option The Belgian government has been proposed to create an arbitration body that its allies, all pro-independence, can take advantage of. It’s a “Republican Court” that pretends to be the “fetus of the future”judicial power of the republic“Catalan.

Vice President of Consel, MEP Tony Common, explained “We want Consul to first think of and design an arbitration body that people registered with CXR can take advantage of, and so it starts using it as a Republican court, it’s somehow From, to keep this fetter of judicial power, but by the logic of mediation and conflict resolution”. Therefore, in the coming months, this court will be designed and the way the members of the body present themselves to settle disputes.

This would not be the only action of Consel that intends to draft an “Electoral Law” for the Catalan Republic and create a “think tank” that contributes to the deployment of this alternative body’s strategy, from the field of study. Carles Puigdemont believes that it is a “Republican institution and we must develop it. The Consul and the House of Representatives have undeniable legitimacy”. This is why he believes that, per la Repubblica and the House of Representatives, he should create judicial power. three estates of a modern democratic state, even if it lacks a country in material form.

In the Consel meeting, it is also intended to take action in Catalonia with members of the local councils and to provide legal advice to teachers who wish to disobey the application of a ruling ordering 25% Spanish in the classrooms of the community.

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