Puigdemont said goodbye to JxCat with a message to the government: “Consider Catalans second or third class citizens”


Laura Bourse and Jordi Turul took over as the head of the party that maintains its commitment to independence despite “so much confusion, resignation, division, discouragement and demobilization”.

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Puigdemont during his speech at the JxCat CongressDavid BorataEFE

Carles Puigdemont, without forgetting to attack the government, ended the leadership of the party, which he founded, Juntas per Catalunya. In short, one of the reasons for the creation of this political formation was to achieve the independence of Catalonia, for which he has always urged direct confrontation with the state, but always from a theoretical level, without actually executing it.

For this reason, the departure of Puigdemont at the Congress, which is organized by the JAXCAT in Argyles-sur-Mer (France), to expose the “oppression” of the state, to expose the “repression” of the state, sovereignty. Without forgetting the movement, there has been much confirmation from escaped independence leaders. Goes through a clear period of despair and division. Certainly, Puigdemont warned his successors in the party, the Speaker of Parliament, Laura Borres, and former minister Jordi Turell, that “in the face of so much confusion, resignation, division, despair and demobilization, the Jaunts can be recognized, being Whether in government or in opposition, as a political instrument, despite everything against it, without rights, with silence and exclusion, remains committed and useful for carrying out the freedom process.

Being an opposition-needed party, the former Catalan president, who is not running for re-election, has not hesitated to attack Pedro Sánchez’s government because he believes “it is systematic Formally lies and fails to comply, but not to all Spaniards, but especially to Catalans, as he regards them and considers them second- or third-class citizens”. “He is punishing all of us Catalans because we maintain a pro-independence majority. He is campaigning against Salvador Illa in a dirty way: as long as we vote the wrong way and not for the right candidate, they will give us won’t give us what we deserve, they won’t give us first class treatment”, highlighted

How could it be otherwise, Puigdemont attacked the judiciary by regretting the Supreme Court’s (TS) decision to study appeals filed against the pardons of independence leaders convicted of treason, saying “It is not normal to look like judges Expansion of the Vox Parliamentary Group”. He also accused the TSJC’s order of “harassing Catalan-speakers, as in the worst possible time, with the intention of reducing Catalan to the domestic sphere, and not the state’s language, as it is”, with the minimum applicable to 25% of the classes in Spanish.

Puigdemont assures, in explicit reference to the ERC, “some settle in mediocrity, reconciliation and peace that allows them to strengthen one party and prioritize the well-being of their cadres. But this has disastrous consequences for citizens.” ” , the party with which it shares government, but its main political rival, holds the sovereignty vote in municipal elections a year from now. And it’s that Republicans have the opposite of junts, too.

In addition, he expressed regret that some of those involved in the 1-O have to live outside Spain and believe that this is a situation that will stretch over time and cannot be normalised. “It is not normal that we have spent four and a half years coming and going to and from Brussels, Geneva, Waterloo and so on. What is not normal is going to visit someone in Waterloo. What is normal and civilized so that you don’t feel lonely So that you feel good together,” he said.

The former Catalan president concluded, “It is in exile where many things that the state wants to end are preserved, as the vice president of the infamous memory used to say.” For his part, Jordi Sánchez, the Secretary General of the Junts, who is leaving office, called on the independence movement to recover “strategic unity” which he considers to be broken and assured that “under the current circumstances there is no need for dialogue”. There is no possibility.” With Govt.

In this sense, he believes that junts should have the ability to rule and urge the population to mobilize to achieve independence. That’s why I called for this unit to “make it possible for Catalonia to play once again in the fall of 2017”. However, he did not forget that the party should also be strong in the deputy Congress, as they leave no representation despite the demand for secession.

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