Puig’s brother accepts duplicate invoices to qualify for grants from Valencia and Catalonia


In his first statement before a judge, businessman Francis Puig defended himself against alleged subsidy fraud, alleging that the Generalitat did not require him to return anything.

Francis Puig, upon arrival at the City of Justice in Valencia.
Francis Puig, upon arrival at the City of Justice in Valencia.Arab Press
  • zimo puigo “If there are irregularities, compensation will be requested”

The brother of the president of Generalitat, Zimo Puig, has come this Monday from the almost complete oblivion he enjoyed to this day. Businessman Francis Puigo He had to appear before a judge for the first time to investigate alleged irregularities in receiving public subsidies, in a case launched at the request of a PP complaint which is the first case of alleged corruption that directly affected the socialist president’s environment. Is. , Even his son’s job in the company of his uncle Francis is part of the police report. civil guard Which the businessman has tried to finish in front of the judge.

This report served fiscal To request the indictment of the President’s brother accused of the offense of subsidy fraud and false documentation. The Civil Guard, in fact, came to analyze four types of irregularities committed by Francis Puig’s companies (port communications You Mass Mat Productions) and his companions, brothers Adele Bower ,canal masturb), between 2015 and 2018, in a plot allegedly set up to hunt all kinds of public assistance, especially for the promotion of Valencians, that is, after the arrival of Zimo Puig generally,

In his statement to the Court of Instruction No. 4 of Valencia, Francis Puig however recognized the existence of a duplicate invoice, as initially pointed out by the Civil Guard and confirmed by the various legal sources present in the statement. After an interrogation that lasted four hours, the audiovisual practitioner’s own lawyer, Javier Falomir, explained that “in some cases similar invoices were provided in Valencia and Catalonia”, as he used subsidies to promote the language in the media. option was selected.

“Does this mean that we allocate 100% of the expenditure to both? No. Then the administration decides what it subsidizes and what does not,” Falomir insisted. In this sense, the President’s brother-in-law’s defense lays responsibility only on the Generalitat, which “when it decides, it never says what it spends to subsidize”. That is to say, since the employer does not know whether the subsidies the Valencian administration gives match payroll or current expenditures, for example, when he requests assistance later Catalonia, “Everything Contributes”. According to sources, in his statement, Francis blamed the Generalitat for not informing him of the alleged errors.

“The Civil Guard doesn’t understand how it works,” the lawyer justified questioning the contents of the report, which placed Francis Puig at the center of a conspiracy that collected 1.2 million dollars from the Valencian and Catalan governments. Public money was seized. Falomir even says that the Civil Guard exceeds its limit in its work when “it drops pearls that have no value and could have been saved”. In this sense, the report of Francis Puig’s defense is awaited. Intervention of the Generalitat To request the dismissal of the case, which he called “unfortunate”, indirectly alluding to an alleged political bias.

Francis Puig believes that the amount allegedly defrauded does not exceed €120,000, which is the amount required for a criminal type of subsidy fraud. Hence it is expected that the case completely revolves around the crime of lying, so that in the next few days all the necessary documents can be produced. However, legal sources say that Francis Puig left the ball on the roof of the ruben trenzanoThe Director General of Language Policy also inquired into this matter. And that’s because the employer insisted that the Generalitat warned him of nothing wrong with justifying the subsidy, so he was never asked to refund any amount.

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