Puig’s challenge to Belara for Immerso trips: “You have to pay what they’re worth for public services”


The Valencian President reminds the minister that stabilizing prices is inconsistent and he wants to improve working conditions

Tourists on the beach of La Malvarosa in Valencia.
Tourists on the beach of La Malvarosa in Valencia.EFE
  • inserted 22 euros a day across the board: hoteliers rebel against the freeze that ruins them

Valencian Community has positioned itself in favor of the tourism sector before the decision of ministry of social rights to offer 820,000 places in the social tourism program of inserted At least adjusted for inflation, without collecting price increases. If a week ago it was the regional secretary of tourism, Francesc ColomerThose who supported the hotel management Hosbeck in their claims are joined by the president of the Generalitat.

zimo puigo They have demanded that the government support Imamso’s visits to his conference in the New Economy Frame, because in his opinion, only then can labor reform in the sector be sought. “You have to pay what they are worth for public services. It is not possible to pay full Immerso pension in 20 or 21 euros as well as ask to improve salary income,” he assured before launching a challenge. Gave. Minister Eoin BelaraHosbeck has asked him to resign.

“The government has to give a clear indication that it is necessary to pay for public services for what they are worth and from there, through agreements and collective bargaining, demand that the work be remunerated. We cannot say one thing and the opposite. are”, sentenced. ,

The travel program for the elderly has about four million beneficiaries and has a clear impact on “sustainable seasonal employment in the tourism sector” in times of low demand, as acknowledged by Minister Belara, but due to rising costs for hoteliers. It’s starting to get unstable. , leading them to “ruin”.

Marketing of these trips will begin in the second half of September, as soon as the summer season ends, which, as Puig predicted, could leave more figures in the community than in 2019, “without the desire to throw out the bells.” Fly”, if the predictions are confirmed. “We are very hopeful,” he said, highlighting the improvement of the hotel plant and products other than Sun and Beach during the pandemic.

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