Pulse between Ayuso and Vox to claim inheritance tax bonus between uncle and nephew


The Monasterio Party goes ahead and presents a measure in the assembly that the President of Madrid has already proposed in 2021

Math and Ayuso.
Math and Ayuso.ToEuropa Press
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Isabel Diaz Ayuso and Woakes maintain a wrestle of sorts to take credit for a new tax cut, in this case more than a bonus. Inheritance tax and donation between uncle and nephew, The president of the Madrid Community confirmed his intention last week that it would come into force in 2023, and Rocco Monasterio’s party came forward this Tuesday and announced that it would move a law resolution to the regional assembly on Thursday 19 May, which it has decided to propose in two years. was registered. months before it was put into practice.

In particular, the party supporting the investment of the regional leader argues that this degree of kinship has legacies. 99% tax exemption As between parents and children. The proposal is a far cry from the initial approach carried out in the government of Puerta del Sol, which considered increasing the bonus of 10%, which is currently implemented to 20%.

The best way to help improve the prosperity of the people of Madrid is to cut taxes. And we would like to say with complete satisfaction that we are glad that Mrs. Ayuso tomorrow [por el lunes] He will inform us that he is going to accept our offer for inheritance and donation tax bonuses, announced this Tuesday a deputy spokesperson for Vox, Iago Henrequez de LunaIn a press conference.

On the other hand, in the PP, he did not reaffirm his support for the initiative, which, he remembers, was announced by the President last year. Plans for this 2022, and they warn that they will have to see how the proposal fits into the regional government’s plans until the end of the legislature. In the opinion of Alfonso Serrano, spokesman for the Popular in the Assembly, Vox is now trying to move forward (…) must get a title.

Both parties fighting for the same right-wing electorate agree that there is an inheritance and charity tax. grossly unfair, immoral and forfeiture Because it presupposes double taxation of heirs and relatives of the recipients of goods. On the contrary, the Finance Ministry wants to harmonize this tax so that there is no difference of opinion among the autonomous communities.

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