“Putin? A mad dictator”: the ‘hacking’ of two Russian journalists in their own media outlets belonging to the Kremlin on Victory Day


news paper lenta.ru Woke up May 9 with a front page full of articles critical of the president: “We did it for our grandparents”

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It is the morning of May 9th, Victory Day the Soviet Union Feather Germany Nazi, and the popular web lenta.ruhalf supporter Kremlinfull of anti-war articles that allege Putin Being a “mad tyrant” who wants to “pull” Russia For the Abyss”, “For the bloodiest war of the 21st century”.

Apparently, the administration of the page, which has over 200 million visits per month, immediately rushed to remove the articles, which can still be found at web.archive.org.

Sensational protest comes from only two journalists of the media, Egor Polyakov You Alexandra Miroshnikova. “We had to do it today. We wanted to remind everyone what our grandparents really fought on this beautiful ‘Victory Day’: for peace,” explained Polyakov, 30. Guardian ,

This Monday, President Vladimir PutinAccused NATO countries of being prepared to “invade our historic lands, including Crimea” in front of 11,000 troops. so the justification war in ukraine,

exploit the historical anniversaries that polyakov You miroshnikova had guessed: “This is not the one who victory Day“, explained earlier,”in Ukraine Civilians are dying, peaceful women and children are dying. Given the rhetoric we’ve seen, it’s not going to stop. We could no longer accept it. That was the only right thing to do.”

in recent months, lenta.ru Has been part of the brutal propaganda machine used to justify the invasion of Russia Ukraine,

Some of the ‘fake’ headlines published this Monday read: “Vladimir Putin lied about plans Russia in Ukraine“; “The Russian army becomes an army of thieves and robbers”; and “Russia leaves the corpses of his soldiers Ukraine,

Polyakov claims that the articles were based on “available information”. online“, which was generally not permitted to be used given the newspaper’s “editorial status” and strict censorship rules that criminalize independent reporting.

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