Putin assured that “the West was preparing to invade our land”


The entire international community awaits the Russian President’s speech today in Red Square, where the traditional Victory Day military parade takes place.

Russian President Vladimir Putin shortly before speaking in Red Square.
Russian President Vladimir Putin shortly before speaking in Red Square.AFP
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“Special military operation was necessary” because “the West was preparing to invade our land” and “NATO was threatening our borders.” Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again reiterated his ideology during his speech in Moscow’s Red Square, where Victory Day over Nazi Germany is celebrated 77 years ago today.

“You are fighting for Russia’s security,” Putin told Russian soldiers, after the casualties suffered by the Russian military, “a tragedy for all of us.”

The entire international community is now watching Putin’s speech in Red Square, where the traditional military victory parade, The president is expected to glorify Russia’s power to justify the Ukraine war, which has dragged on longer than expected.

As large missiles parade through the Russian capital and planes fly through the sky, Ukraine struggles desperately to stop the expected Russian military advance.

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, Declared that Ukraine would not allow Russia to “conquer Nazism”. On the ground, Russian military forces continue to advance in an effort to achieve their goal in eastern Ukraine. Full control over the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and maintain the land corridor between those territories and the occupied Crimea.

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