Putin warns he will expand his list of targets if the West gives Ukraine long-range missiles


Russia again bombed Kyiv to weaken Ukraine’s arsenal

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Vladimir Putin warns that if west begins the supply of long-range missiles to Ukraine, Russia New targets would have to be attacked that had hitherto been left out of what was called a “special military operation”.

If these missiles are supplied, “we will strike targets that we have not yet reached,” Putin said in an interview with the state television channel. Russia-1, The words of the Russian president are a clear warning about a worrying issue muskAlthough Putin did not specify which goals Russia plan to destroy when western countries resume supplies Ukraine these missiles.

These types of weapons pose a threat to Russian cities near the border such as Belgorod, Voronezh or Rostov, Some of these cities have already been attacked Ukraine,

Russia It is also hitting the Ukrainian rear. New Russian attacks destroyed tanks and other armored vehicles on the outskirts of Kyiv Which was provided to Ukraine by European countries, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday. Ukrainian Air Force and . Mayor of Kyiv reported that Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers fired missiles at the capital from the Caspian Sea. Railway infrastructure was targeted in the attack KyivSerhi Leshchenko, Assistant to the President’s Chief of Staff reported Volodymyr Zelensky, These missiles hit the capital for the first time since the end of April.

“The Kremlin Recourse to new evil attacks. Today’s missile strikes in Kyiv have only one goal: to kill as many people as possible, ”said Mikhailo Podolik, adviser to the Ukrainian president. The mayor of the city Broweryabout 20 kms from the center of KyivPeople were urged to stay indoors as there were reports of soot smelling from the smoke, Reuters reports.

Kyiv’s guarantor

The new attacks are not limited to the capital. The representative of the Russian Defense Ministry said that anti-aircraft security shot down a transport plane near Odessa. Antonov An-26 which transports weapons and munitions, as well as a MiG-29 Fighter Aircraft People’s Republic of. in near Slaviask DonetskA city in Russian hands that has received Ukrainian attacks in recent hours, according to images circulated on social networks.

Ukraine It has been seeking multiple launch rocket systems like the M270 and M142 HIMARS for weeks to attack troops and weapons stores in the Russian rear. They are highly mobile rocket systems that can hit targets up to 80 km away with great accuracy. President of AmericaJoe Biden has announced that he will provide HIMARS rocket systems to Ukraine after receiving a guarantee Kyiv In order not to use them to attack targets inside Russia.

The Russian president has underestimated what he had received Ukraine So far. “We understand that this supply [de sistemas avanzados de cohetes] The purpose of the United States and some other countries is to compensate for the loss of this type of military material.” Putin, “It’s nothing new. It doesn’t change anything in essence.” In the same interview, Putin claimed that Russian anti-aircraft forces shot down dozens of Ukrainian weapons and were “breaking them like crazy.”

western arms

Ukraine It has already been receiving weapons from about thirty countries before the conflict began. anti-tank missiles spear They have been instrumental in frustrating Russian advances in the early stages of the attack. Also drones, which have caused major problems with the Russians especially effective Berakattar TB2, which Turkey has been supplying to Ukraine since 2019. Less well known – though more abundant – are American ‘kamikaze’ drones that fly to their target and explode while crashing into it at the same time. Reuters reports that the administration Biden plans to sell four drones to ukraine MQ-1C Gray EagleWhich can be equipped with Hellfire missiles with a range of 8,000 meters.

they also play an important role tiger, some major anti-aircraft tanks to keep Russian aviation away. In addition, in early May, anti-ship missiles began to arrive in Ukraine. This is the West’s response to the Russian blockade Black Sea,

Putin Condemns that the West attempts to prolong armed conflict to the maximum extent Ukraine, “The supply of additional weapons, in my view, pursues the same goal of maximizing armed conflict,” Putin said in his television interview.

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