Putin warns US of new distribution of world power and blames it for crisis


“Certainly populism and fundamentalism will emerge, there will be a transformation of the oligarchy,” predicts the Russian leader

Putin’s Threat to the West: “Nothing Is Eternal”
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The European continent is facing the biggest war clash since second World War And Russia is more isolated and accepted than ever to begin with. But Vladimir Putin knows who is to blame: the US and the EU, once again. The Russian President argued in his speech St. Petersburg International Economic Forum That Russia is not to blame for the rise in prices in the world grain market. Putin accused the United States of raising food prices by printing money and “buying” food in global markets.

Russia, Putin warned, will prevail in this turbulent international landscape. “The United States of America, declaring victory in the Cold War, proclaims itself the messenger of God on Earth, who has no obligations, but only interests. They do not realize that new powerful centers have formed on the planet ”

Nearly four months have passed since his attack on Ukraine and Putin’s speech on the working of Western democracies is getting harsher by the day. “Twin parties in power alternate, but the essence does not change, the real interests of the population are withdrawn to the background”I described

“Of course populism and fundamentalism will emerge, a change in the elites,” he predicted. “Despite attempts to show bravery in bad weather, The European Union has lost its sovereignty and the bureaucratic elite sings to the tune that is played to them”.

Before the West, Putin once again presents himself as the defiant ‘bad cop’. But before the developing countries it is the old Slavic friend who embodied the USSR. The Russian leader assured that his country was ready to boost its grain and fertilizer exports. And that they send food to Africa and the Middle East.

Putin admits it has been proven that the “blitzkrieg” of sanctions against Moscow never had any chance of success: “The idea of ​​sanctions is based on the fact that Russia is not an economically sovereign country. They ignore the fact that our country has changed in recent years.”

In his speech on stage, Putin advocated abandoning globalization “in favor of multipolar development”. “The rules of world trade are to be set by strong states, which do not follow the path of others”, This is not the case in European countries. Putin said sanctions could cost the EU more than $400 billion, which he said would fall back on those implementing them. The Russian leader acknowledged, yes, Russia has “big inflation, we have to work on it.”

The Russian leader left a message for the Russian businessmen who were listening to him in the room “and others who are not here”. With regard to Western sanctions and vetoes, Putin said that “the latest economic developments have confirmed what I was saying. ‘It’s safe at home’, Thus remains a quiet haven of wealth. Don’t feed again. Invest here.”

Putin promised that Russia “do not follow the path of isolation and autocracy”, “We will cooperate with anyone who shows interest despite pressure and blackmail from the United States.”

Against Ukraine and the “illiterates”

During his speech, which was delayed by a cyberattack, he insisted several times that the initial global food crisis was not of the past few months and had nothing to do with a “special military operation” in Ukraine. “Rise in raw material prices started earlier”, The monetary policy of the G7 countries is to blame, he concluded, before calling on those who think the Russian war has anything to do with it “uneducated”: “Russia has nothing to do with it. Fuel.” The result of the wrong policies of America and Europe”. He was particularly critical of the “folly commitment to renewable energy and spot gas purchases”. If there is hunger in the poorest countries, it would be “the fault of the Euro-bureaucrats and America”.

Putin wondered if anyone would give him responsibility for the neighbor he attacked in February. “We do not hinder Ukrainian exports. We do not mine ports: remove mines,” he recommended to the Kyiv government, which he said “have foreign owners.”

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