‘Puy Doo Fu’ Toledo evacuated some 3,000 people from the park and postponed the show due to a fire in an adjacent farm.


2,500 visitors, 700 employees, 200 birds and 55 horses have been evacuated

firefighters work on extinction
Firefighters work to put out the declared fire near the “Pu Doo Fu” theme park
  • reopen Puy Doo Fu Returns, the best show in the world

The management of ‘Puy Doo Fu’ Park has decided Vacate the venue and cancel the evening event For safety reasons tonight, a Zuraquin farm adjacent to the park caught fire this afternoon, although he has clarified that, at any time, endanger visitors or workers of facility located within the Municipality of Toledo.

In a statement released this afternoon, the French theme park’s management team expresses its gratitude “before the splendid” Competent authorities response: both Toledo firefighters, GECAM, the National Police and Civil Defense, who are helping” and made it possible for the evacuation of 2,500 visitors, 700 workers, 200 birds, 55 horses and the rest of the animals and no one was harmed.

By way of thanks, on behalf of the park management Invite everyone to participate To enjoy the park at any time of the season in the extinction of the fire.

and visitors will also be contacted this friday thank you for your behavior And invite them to go to the park another day according to the same source.

The fire, which has been declared after 1 p.m. today and has been detected by Emergency and Emergency Services 112, affects a Areas listed as pasture-clearing on a forest map and continues without control.

They have come to take part in extinguishing the fire 28 media and 101 people, and now 7 air media work on the fire site12 for terrestrial and one for direction and coordination, which brings together a total of 86 people.

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