Queen Doa Letizia shocked by sand storm in Mauritania


Despite the bad weather, he wanted to visit some of the orchards of Nauakchot and get to know them.

Queen Letizia visits an urban garden project funded by the collaboration
On the last day of her visit to Mauritania, Queen Letizia this Thursday visited an urban garden project funded by Spanish collaboration in Nouacchot.Royal House
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In the middle of one of the worst sandstorms injury Last year, 140 farmers were struggling to save the seedlings of vegetables planted a month ago. Across the entire 10 hectares, located 17 kilometers from the center of the capital, farmers self-irrigated and controlled their plants, while the wind picked up massive amounts of sand, which slipped between the eyes, into the mouth when speaking. and further vision became very difficult. two meters away. With this scenario, at 11:00, Queen Doa Letizia arrives to learn about the project orchards within their cooperative journey Mauritania,

Despite the bad weather, the queen wanted to visit some of the gardens and get to know them. Although at first she got out of the car without covering her face, she eventually chose to walk safely with a mask and sunglasses on in order to be able to see something.

The project is a delegated initiative of the European Union to support the Mayors’ Agreement. With a budget of two million euros, it sought to create green zones to absorb CO2 and fight against climate change. With this thought, Spanish cooperation He decided to organize the planting of a vegetable garden with the local authorities to improve food security.

Mauritania, and especially Nouacchot, is a country highly dependent on the import of fresh produce, so with this botanical garden project they hope to improve the nutrition of the families who work on the land and, in turn, market the surplus. Promote a cooperative to bring. this is how he explained it Fatima Bouchreis, responsible for the project, who accompanied Doa Letizia during the trip. “This is a very important project, because we are very dependent on production from neighboring countries and we have to do local production,” he explained. “It is also important for the most vulnerable women and youth to have a project they can live with,” she stressed.

This is the second day of the Queen in Mauritania, on her seventh cooperation visit. Doa Letizia brings the necessary exposure and visibility to these trips to better get to know the work of the Spanish collaboration. thus, pillar canceled, Secretary of State for Cooperatives, pointed out that Rani is a “distinguished aid worker”. “She always throws herself into all the trips she makes and thanks to them everything is conceived without any problems.”

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