Queen Letizia dares with semi-transparent dress

Gone are the times when, for this type of event, the Queen Sofa, Infantus or Letizia herself wore solemn long black dresses and a mantilla, as is always the case. Today the queen is looking refreshed and summer, a . with white lace dress

The model, sleeveless and with a crew neck, is made of guipure lace framing the flowers and leaves. a garment that should have a lining under it, and which was worn by the queen, except the flared part of the skirt, when transparent against light.

The model chosen by Doa Letizia fits perfectly, marking off her well-groomed silhouette. midi width, The skirt had a lot of flair.

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The complete look of Doa Letizia in which transparency can be seen on the skirt.Gtres

She’s paired it with slingback stilettos – her favorite model of all time – pastel blue, to match hers. Blue topaz earrings from Bulgari Jewelery Firm And with a leather handbag. And she’s pulled her hair back into a flattering low bun.

As a follower of trends, the Queen hasn’t stopped surprising us lately. If she already dared with a fuchsia cut out dress with which she showed off her abs, now she has done it with these semi-transparencies.

We’ve even been able to see her wearing pink and orange—two colors of the season—and with a polka dot dress, which is the most popular print.

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