Queen Letizia in a delicate blue polka dot dress at the parade of the armed forces

Today is Armed Forces Day in Huesca and His Majesty king of spain He has come to the city to preside over the military parade where, among other acts, he has honored soldiers who have been martyred in the works of service since the year 2019 of the last parade.

They have gone with Mr. Felipe VI and Doa Letizia Authorities such as the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles; Chief of the General Staff, Teodoro López; Aragon’s President Javier Lambon; and the mayor of the capital Huesca, among others.

The appointment has started in the afternoon and Queen Letizia, On a hot day like today, she has opted for a crew neck and bare hands dress in light blue and dark polka dots. The skirt, fitted with a waist sash and a midi cut with three ruffles, was worn to the opening of the Madrid Book Fair yesterday.

For last year’s Armed Forces Day celebrations, the Queen chose a very beautifulAlthough less than last time. She is wearing earrings with a collected hair look in which a aquamarine In its central star, tall and refined.


Queen Letizia completed her outfit with heels and a black clutch, so as not to detract from the pale blue hue of her dress.

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