‘Queen’ Melchor d’Almonte sentenced to four years in prison for “deviating” training aid


The court in Seville also sentenced his son and nephew to two years in prison, who they had joined the Formades consortium of junta.

On the left, Queen Melchor, Ana Maru
At left, Queen Melchor, Ana Mara Orihuela, with the Three Kings of Almonte in 2009.World
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Ana Maria Orihuelabetter known as Reena Melchor of the Huelva Municipality of Almonte has been sentenced four and a half years in prison During the PSOE phase, from the Junta de Andaluca for “diverting” subsidies, which were for training courses for the unemployed.

Public funds from the courses were used to pay for the parade of the three wise men in which the condemned man incarnated King Melchor and hook up your son and nephew In the public consortium Andalusian Center for Environmental Training for Sustainable Development (Formades), of which Orihuela was the manager. Even if the pockets of relatives are loose unruly corner The consortium has “no evidence” that they actually did the work they were paid for.

The Court of Seville, in a sentence issued by the Superior Court of Justice (TSJA) of Andalusia this Wednesday, condemns Ana María Orihuela, who was also the PSOE counselor in Almonte, for the continuing crime of prevaricin in competition with other embezzlement, He would have to pay 40,078.16 euros to the Andalusian government for expenses “clearly irregular that he authorized and which clearly exceed the purpose of the training activity”, and defrauded him, along with the other three convictions. the amount to be paid, which reaches the number of 899.623,94 Euro,

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The third section ruling proved the “irregular” recruitment of two relatives of Orihuela, “with the aim of providing them with a illegal pecuniary gain“At the cost of the board’s public money which should be allocated for training.

Ana María Orihuela is known as the ‘Queen’ Melchor of training fraud because she included this king in the parade of the Three Kings in Almonte in January 2009, paying, in part, for training courses for the unemployed. was done with the prescribed funds. As reported by this newspaper published on December 29, 2014, the socialist Andalusian government tried to deny the course fraud scandal soon after.

The Court’s decision concludes that there was fraud with subsidies, however. former senior board member He should control and ensure that the fair use of public money is fully acquitted, as he did not even have to sit on the bench during the hearings held last February and March.

In addition to Ana María Orihuela, she has been sentenced two to crcel Huh son and nephewmeanwhile he animal treatment Has been sentenced for illegal hiring in the Formeds consortium two and a half years in jail, There was a diversion of public funds into three subsidies for courses awarded to the consortium in the years 2008, 2009 and 2010.

“By the manager’s own decision” the services were contracted out with his own son, Manuel Ro, who was contracted “directly” to perform the maintenance works and, in total, from June 24, 2008 to November 22, 2011. 70 transfers were received. an amount of 452.895,82 eurowhich “reply to the billing that, as a natural person, the accused has issued against the consortium for various acts, actions which are partly cannot be specified or recognizedThe sentence says.

The sentence further said, “There is no record or in which center of the consortium the accused carried out these acts, even though he had carried out them to the fullest extent.” Similarly, the defendant’s nephew, Cristbal Oo, was hired as security guard “without bidding or contracting or offers of various providers, without specifying the justification of their works and the amount received”, so that the former Managing Director of Formeds called “excessive, disproportionate and unreasonable economic provision from the provision of night guard services”. Awarded “Profit”, and that’s all “in collusion” with his nephew.

The nephew received a total of 21 transfers from April 21, 2010 to November 2, 2011. 38.495,94 euro,

Regarding the parade of the three wise men, financed with subsidies for the courses, the sentence says that Ana Mara Orihuela should “contribute capital to buy”. gifts, candy and others made gifts and payments associated with their participation in these festivities from consortium funds.”

It was a total waste of public money. Amount spent on gifts and candy for the parade 6.555,15 euroWhile Ana Mara Orihuela paid for “the breakfast from the parade with consortium funds which cost 600 euro” and that he later “attempted to justify” what he called “protocol attention” before the board.

The convict allocated a further 9,038.62 euros for “food of all kinds” and included 14 bills for advertising and dissemination “that have no relation to training activity, such as 12 football kit Room with advertisement for Formeds for the amount of 573.50 Euro and another for the amount of 6,555.15 Euro treats and toys,

The FORMADS Consortium was established by agreement of the Governing Council on 9 October 2001. Manuel Chavezzo as Chairman of the Board. It was operating until 2014, when it was dissolved in the period of Susanna Dazi As the chairman of the Andalusian government. The activity of this consortium was oriented towards teaching equestrian training courses on renewable energy and environment.

To finance this, it was always done through grants from the Board, which was an “exclusive” source of funding, with the exception of a small portion coming from the collection of registration fees for students.

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