Radiography of Urban Bullfighters: “It’s Great to See You in the Shop Windows of Cal Serrano”


Curro Vzquez attended Movida with Chenel. “There was more freedom. The filmmakers came to us. We went to Malasa after training”

One of the urban bullfighters, bullfighter Ukeda Leal, walks down Calle Serrano in the district of Salamanca
One of the urban bullfighters, bullfighter Ukeda Leal, walks down Calle Serrano in the district of SalamancaJavier Barbancho

Madrid’s legendary bullfighter Kuro Vazquez born in Linares acts as an agent caytano, paul aguado You Gins Marn, evokes the 80s, the decade in which a certain magnetism was still active among bullfighters. “I used to go to Malasa with Chanel. We did it after playing Fronten, in tracksuits. Let’s eat, let’s play Fronton in a form that is now T4 and go to the center”Building on the legend of urban bullfighters, exploring the man who was critical of bullfighting CountryGeorge Laverne.

Laverne was walking the streets of Madrid as if the city were the Gotham of bullfighting. Chanel was the bullfighter to go to for the gold-breathing of the time: “Bohemian,” Laverne recalls. What is Urban Bullfighter? “I can’t say for sure,” admitted the journalist. “There were some bullfighters, like Antoet, who rarely went to the countryside. They did it in the Casa de Campo, in Retiro, in the farm of Antonio Frutos’s Barajas or in a pediment on the Andaluca highway. They were very urban places.”

And there is a holiday on the roofs of Castellana. “When it became fashionable to go to the terraces, we went with the Taino [Agustn Daz Yanes], who introduced us to many actors and directors and film people, Artists contacted us. He loved to listen to us and above all, listen to Chanel,” recalls Kuro Vazquez.

Both spent nights and days in that liberated Madrid. “There was no complicity. Almodvar was amazed. One day he was in my room, in Talavera, looking at how I dressed as a bullfighter”, When they began to fight, they approached the giants. Kuro Vazquez became famous as a good bullfighter at the Vistelegre bullring in Carabanchel. “Girons played football in the Cerro de los Locos. There were also bullfighters such as Luis Alfonso Garques who fought in the hall in the Parque Syndical”, Between playing sessions, he played cards. “For poker.” Timbas was also organized at the legendary Hotel Fox.” Chenal rented an apartment there. We were about to spend the afternoon.”

curo v
Kuro Vazquez in the center with Agustin Daz Yens and Viggo Mortensen at Las VentasJulien Jan

Madrid was divided by clans. The dynasties controlled various territories, like the five Mafia families in New York, and their office was in the bar. “In the old box office of Plaza de Santa Ana and Bullring you find Banderillaros, Novilleros and Bullfighters divided by rank. Anyone who came from town to take off some posters would get drunk and go from bar to bar with the fairs that take place.”, Marshal Lalanda used to go to La Campana. dominguins For the German brewery. Welcome to Galatea. and near Casa Puebla, Amar Paco, among other bullfighters camino, “The most famous bullfighting bars were also around Embajadores. The flicks were owned by The Caves by Colomo Luis Candela. He gave me a set of swords.”

– Did you go to the gym?

Jim seemed unpleasant to us. You were locked up and there were many beautiful women. For us, what suited us was to walk and talk about the bull with the elders.

tanned and square

For Laverne, Madrid’s bullfighter has “Another way to behave, another way to walk”, bullfighter Uceda Loyal There is a banner of these abstractions. “Generally speaking, Madrid’s bullfighters are class bullfighters,” he reflects. A little cool too. “It’s great to see us in the shop windows on Calle Serrano. To this should be added the acid culture medium of the province. We are tired. Downside from Despeaperros, the bullfighter is more cared for, there’s another sensibility”.

This is recognized in the concept of the urban bullfighter. “City has impressed me in everything: even in the way I dress. Our bullfighter is different. I’ve done it at Casa de Campo and Plaza de Santa Ana”,

Uceda Leal flirts with the bohemian class of the profession. Bullfighters are ascetics who get up early in the morning. “We go out with flamencos at Tabalo La Sol, next to Lucia restaurant by Cava Baja. That’s the bad thing about Madrid. Bullfighters must stay in the day. Other artists do it at night.” When the bullfighter loses, and it is easier to lose in Madrid, then there is a fall. However, it is important for the artist to be nurtured. Madrid is the best place for that.”

“more asphalt than the gate”

Jose Miguel Arroyo aka Joselito ended up leaving the “Poblachan of La Mancha” and going to the countryside (that) to end up in a farm near Trujillo. “It was more asphalt than doors,” he says. “Of course he was an urban bullfighter.” For the years he lived at Guindlera, could he solve some part of whose script? barrio, “There’s something in Madrid… you get intoxicated with greatness. Plus, we were proud to be from the neighborhood”. The hole opened by a small square in the middle of a Cartagena street was “like a small homeland.”

“We hated each other on one side and on the other alley. You see, 15 meters separated us. It was silly but we were proud to be on our side. We lived close to Avenida de los Toreros and we were poor. They are rich. He lists the names of the friends who formed the guerrillas on that side: “Jose El Moreno, that was me, Jose El Rubio, son of the Lola Flores guitarist, Jose El Risas, son of the mechanic, the angel, Alberto. We all fought with Christ to protect our class“. Joselito found his vocation on his birthday. “I have always said that I have the soul of an artist. I was lucky that my father took me to the bulls.”

Wanting to become a bullfighter, discovered the unknown rural Madrid. “I started training at the Casa de Campo” and to break away from the rowdy gangs that swarmed around Guindlera. Joselito went on to live with his new brothers and his new family without losing the life-forgiving type. If Chulera had been a motherland, Bill would have faced it. “It’s that we were very Macarilla. We played golfer, boys’ rookies like to smash street light bulbs with slingshots. Damn grace, isn’t it?

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