Rape minor in Igualada has no memory of attack or days after


The trucker who found her says she thought she was a ‘dummy’ because she was unconscious and naked

Court of Igualada
Court of IgualadaEuropa Press

The minor was first raped in the early hours of Halloween night when she returned home from the Igualada Pic nightclub and testified before a judge. He did it electronically and with psychologists as the defendant was inside rooms in the Igualada courts. The minor said he did not remember anything about the attack or the days that followed that resulted in the injuries that left him with serious damage and consequences, such as hearing loss. The judge agreed that the statement should be treated as prefabricated evidence so that he would not have to appear in court again and thus avoid “double harassment”.

Jorge Albertini, the victim’s lawyer, explained that he answered “directly to the psychologists”, who received questions from the parties. The minor explained that she could barely remember anything because of the injuries to her head, because “she has erased the facts” and she only learns that she left the nightclub with a friend on the night of the rape.

The lawyer believes that the defendant is “very caught up” by several pieces of evidence found at his home by Mossos d’Esquadra, such as the victim’s DNA on his clothing, or images from various cameras that showed him the area in that area. where the events happened. In addition, he expressed regret that he has shown no “remorse” for what happened nor does he know how to “destroy” the victim’s life.

The truck driver also testified as a witness that he found the minor in an empty space after the attack and explained that she was in a fetal position and was trembling, as he thought she was a dummy, as she She had lost consciousness and had several injuries. So he covered her with a jacket and alerted the emergency services, who took her to the hospital and operated on her several times. The suspect was arrested on April 21 after several months of investigation. He has a history of sexual abuse and is in provisional jail on charges of sexual assault and attempt to murder.

The Catalan Federation of Associations of Restoration and Musical Activities (FECASARM), a popular allegation, expressed regret for the “irreversible” damage caused to the 16-year-old victim, and for this reason its general secretary, Joaquim Bodas, called on the administration to “prevention, awareness”. And invest in massive campaigns that use people guilty of similar acts”. In addition, he called for reform of night transport, to have more frequencies and more police presence and public lighting in leisure areas so that people “feel safe walking.” The charge would demand more than 26 years in prison for the suspect because people like him “cannot be in a public place.”

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