Ravioxo is here, the new Dabiz Mooz restaurant that ‘travels’ through the universe of dumplings and pasta


Chefs from Madrid and the world’s best chefs in 2021 open this concept, based in the gourmet experience of El Corte Ingales de Castellana, with its guiding formulas in flour and pasta.

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Dabeez Mooz.Carlos Garca Well

Some openings have raised more expectations than expected in Madrid this Monday, May 16 (after San Isidro, but after a holiday in the capital): RaviXO, the new restaurant with which Dabi’s Mooz expands its XO universe, opens its doors “A date that will change history,” the chef from Madrid and the world’s best chef in 2021 announced on his Instagram profile a few days ago, according to Best Chef Award,

During these months, this idea has become a Travel concept that revolves around dumplings and pasta regardless of nationalities, cultures and cuisines, The name also has a playful and warrior format (a combination of rebioso and ravioli) and, of course, very creative, the gesture of which was announced by the owner last year. DiverXO, Madrid has only three Michelin stars.

With the dough and pasta as the guiding thread, this is the “A” Tribute (and much more) for our concept of treating the world dumplings that we started 15 years ago at DiverXO and we haven’t stopped developing“, the chef commented on his social network.

Plato 'Saffron'
‘Basque Homemade’ Dish: Blonde Beef Steak, Mole de Mange, Tamarind and Homemade Salad@DABIZDIVERXO

Some things have been overtaken by this new format, although many have not, for example, Location, El Corte Ingls de Castellana . in the gourmet experience of (with entrance via Orens Street). We also know a few brushstrokes related to the menu that the chef himself advanced, taking advantage of the presentation/interview he starred in at Congress last March madrid fucina,

Steamed Pibil Sucker Pig Cannelloni, Amber Wok Pasta and angry seafood; a version of the famous boiled dumplings Rabbit and Carrot who believes in DiverXO; A nigiri dumplings Edition Marmitaco; ,Basque landowner’, recipe with steak Fair Cow, Bride’s Mole, Tamarind And homemade salads… there are some recipes in this new dining room that Current best chef in the world Show in a video in Madrid Fusin.

RavioXO is waiting: “We’ve been delayed for months, because I’m constantly changing it up,” explained Dabiz Muoz to Rosala while preparing the sandwich with the singer chicken teriyaki In a video that the chef posted on his Instagram profile.

With this opening, Madrid begins a round full of innovations: StreetXO moves are also planned this year. and within two, a change of venue tristarred And the flag of the house.

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