Real estate agent Ernesto Escolano’s tragedy in the Titan Desert


Three years later, the cycling event in Morocco revives the details of its first tragedy: in a marathon stage, starting in Merzouga, under intense heat and as the victim of a 50-year-old Aragonese

Image of the current Titan desert.
Image of the current Titan desert.KH7 Lorada
  • Of earlier Spaniard Fernando Cievera dies of cardiac arrest in Titan Desert

Three years later, the Titan Desert, a bicycle race that ran through the Moroccan desert, revived the tragedy with the same situation: again it was a marathon phase—ie without mechanical assistance—, again started in the town of Merzouga, then From A Day of Intense Heat and Then Hunting was an Aragonese fan in his 50s.

If cardiac arrest ended life in 2019 fernando cievera46 years old born in Zaragoza, this time misfortune surprised ernest escolanoBorn in Sabinigo, 51 years old. In both cases, witnesses reported the same incident, a cyclist fell at the end of the route, and in both cases the profile of the victims was the same, both athletes with years of cycling experience.

“At kilometer 82 of stage 2, the runner required emergency medical assistance. He was immediately treated by the track health team and after applying first aid and stabilizing, he was transferred by helicopter to the Mohammed VI University Hospital Center in Marrakech where a short time later, he died despite medical efforts,” Trial announced in a statement.

Escolano was popularly known among cyclists in Huesca, where he lives, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, because he was a regular in races such as the popular Quebrantahuesos—in which he participated several times—or the Jasetanía. And second, because through his company, Vive Inumables, which he shared with two other partners, he sponsored the Huesca Cycling Club school for years. In fact, it was common to see them encourage the children of the institution in their trials and attend their cycling meetings themselves.

a tough first step

A rookie in Titan, with number 521, he had already faced the rigors of the route in the first leg of this edition, when he finished 357th out of 476, reaching the finish line. Escolano made a quick start and passed through the first post since 194, but was slowly losing his position. In his registration, he had signed up as part of the Kryptia team, one of the biggest.

“The organization, as well as the participants, medical team, sponsors, journalists and the entire race capsule that accompanies the test, express their condolences and affection to their family and friends,” also communicated Titan, who is in the third stage. , held this Tuesday, paid tribute to Escolano. Roberto Bou You Anna RamrezThe winners of the third stage – the second part of the marathon stage – dedicated their victory to him.

In general, the leader is Francis Smith, Bou’s partner and Spanish MTB ultramarathon champion, and Ramirez himself, who became Spanish road champion in 2004 and competed in the Giro and the Tour. The race will end this Friday in Madid after covering a distance of 645 kilometres.

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