Recoletas, the trendy street for luxury dining in the capital

In its 300 meters there are a good number of restaurants with attractive and varied offerings: classic, Italian, Moroccan, ‘plant based’…


  • Ruta Seven Italians (new and others already classic) will always be on the radar
  • plane A ‘japo’ and four other openings for the worship of sushi in an old ham warehouse

Traveling in Madrid always brings pleasant surprises. On this occasion, we stop at Calle de Recoletos, which, Serrano and Paseo de la Castellana. Barely 300 meters between, brings together a tempting and varied gastronomic offer. Classic-style establishments abound with modern and minimalist spaces. Italy and Morocco have international cuisine and there are places that value the garden. In recent times there has been much movement in the field, with openness but also with dismissals. Here, this road has its own personality.

Asador Pelotry

He is one of those people who dye gray hair all over the place. They have been working in this restaurant for more than 30 years cokina For the compass of seasonal products. His secret is based on the love he put into the preparation of his dishes, be it leek pie or cod branded, two dishes that have brought him the most fame. Now let’s enter the Pipra alphabets, In recent times they have reduced the menu somewhat and expanded beyond the menu. The meat is a staple of the place, without forgetting the croquettes or monkfish, which are wonderfully prepared. The dessert, by popular acclaim, remains the puncinetta. Average price: 55-60 euros.

Pedraza Tavern

It’s reasonable to start by putting your stew through the roof, but if we stop there it will subside as well. project of Carmen Caro—in the kitchen—and Santiago Pedraza—in the living room—, the hosts of this house, go through with instilling a lifetime’s worth of dishes with first-class raw materials. fame has come for them Their Betanzos-Style Potato Omelette, a true surprise, for croquettes and for cod fritters. seasonal products mark the offer on the menu; Its tear peas or its exquisite stew confirms this. Among the main dishes, the variety and the high standard: Asturian-style stewed beef, spicy chicken with mild marinade, Galician cow chops aged over 60 days, Galician hake cheeks in pilapil sauce or Poteria squid grill will delight diners. The service in the room is as per the standard of the food. They also offer the option of taking food home. Average price: 40-60 euros.

Al Muniya

In this Moroccan haute cuisine spot, begins a journey where Berber, Arab and Mediterranean cultures come together. traditional dishes They’ve starred on menus since they hit this road in 1966. Considered a reference in the capital, their menu is entered through the eyes. Pastella, That Sweet and Salty Snack Chicken wrapped in crispy layers of filo pastry is one of his hits. They offer seven varieties of couscous – with chicken, beef, vegetables… and a delicious Berber stew as well. An assortment of kebabs (lamb), kefta (veal) and free-range chicken skewers are a good choice. Moorish Mint Tea, taken without added sugar, is a wonderful accompaniment to sweet dishes. Average price: 40-45 euros.

Gianni Pinto, En Noi.
Gianni Pinto, En Noi.Antonio Heredia


Gianni Pinto’s is one of the representatives of haute Italian cuisine in the Italian capital. Born in Puglia, he has transformed his restaurant into a reflection of cuisine from almost every corner of his country. In Madrid he made himself famous in Sinfona Rossini and in Noi he achieved balance and excellence. His good work has brought him into the limelight of the Michelin Guide, which this year awarded him the Bib Gourmand., which identifies the premises with the best value for money. The menu features iconic dishes, such as . caponata (Sicilian dish similar to ratatouille), Veal with Tuna SauceThe fried pizza And this parmesan, a plate that embroiders. That’s where this engineer’s imagination does the rest. There are classics like carbonara with pecorino and jowls that you have to try, but if you want to take the risk, there are spaghetti garlic, adulteration You Black pepper With scampi. Their tirami can’t be missing from the menu. Average price: 50 euros.

Cow and Garden Room.
Cow and Garden Room.

cow and garden

The offer of street tenant number 7 is irresistible. Meat and vegetables are its main dishes and king of its offerings., Sweetbread, Baked Beef Marrow and Old Beef Entrecote enjoy a very good reputation among the East. Your meat supplier is Discarlux. If we go to vegetables, their natural artichoke flowers candied with arbiquina oil are always impeccable, their stew being a success and a safe bet. Their Tomato Salad from Tudela—That Tastes Like Tomatoes, Behind this space are Fernando de la Raza and NGL Marugan – the owners of the old Le Café, who opened this restaurant with the idea of ​​bringing products from the countryside to their guests. Average price: 35-50 euros.

Meats are a specialty at El Baril de Recoletas.
Meats are a specialty at El Baril de Recoletas.

barrel of recoletas

Grupo Otter Seafood Restaurant Is the Right Place for a Taste shellfish hook fishrice and more grilled red meat, Clams, Zamburias, white shrimp from Huelva, red shrimp from Denia and grilled shrimp are the offerings of the day. Fried silver anchovies malagia style and fried hake bites in rice flour with caper mayonnaise are no different. Two of its rice dishes, carabineros and sailor, pass the cut with a note, Among the wide variety of fish, sole, monkfish, red tuna and baby squid, among others. The pan-fried tenderloin of red meat is perfect for non-vegetarians. It also has a pleasant terrace for enjoying the desktop. Average price: 50-60 euros.

mam chic

At this Italian-Argentina spot with Galician soul, you can enjoy Sunday brunch where there’s no shortage of Benedictine eggs with brioche bread, hollandaise sauce and gratin arza cheese, Pancakes Smoked Salmon and Burrata Pizza with Black Charcoal Dough. On the sweet side, the cakes they make every day in their workshop are different. But beyond brunch, this pleasant and welcoming place has a delicious offering, with fresh produce prepared with care. Have a lot of followers for fresh pasta and pizza, Of the latter, the honey vinaigrette with tortilla and aubergine and the one that makes a household name with a base of ricotta, mozzarella and Veal with Tuna Sauce They are greatly appreciated. For pasta, lasagna never disappoints. Those with a sweet tooth will have a hard time choosing between Cheesecake, Caramelized French Toast and Apple Crumble Pie. Average price: 35 euros.


The motto of this small space is to chew, drink and share dog friendly Providing home cooked and healthy food. They prepare some toast and coffee to enjoy breakfast in style. The Avocado and Paprika Hummus is a delight and its mixed sandwich, with a high-end bite. For lunch they have fresh salads, focaccia with roasted vegetables, fresh mozzarella, arugula and dried tomato pesto, as well as a a cheeseburger irresistible. They have a menu of the day and on Sundays, brunch (16 euros). The atmosphere is very pleasant and the public is very diverse.

in currency
Mudra has their ‘plant based’ proposition.


This has been one of the last to come in Recoletas and has done so with a very interesting concept and in line with one of the current trends, sustainability. The chef behind this ‘plant-based’ restaurant is Matthew Kenney, who plays with vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, mushrooms, seeds, superfoods and flowers to create a world of surprising flavors, textures, colors and concepts. Essential dishes? Hummus, Kale Pizza with Extra Truffle, Pea Tortellini, Baos and Their Nigiri. It is impossible not to mention its interior design, simple, minimalist and in pastel tones, mainly pink. Average price: 30 euros.

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