Relations with Russia weaken Puigdemont ahead of EU decision on his extradition


The new revelations came months after the European Justice of India gave its opinion on the Euroorder and as the Eurochamber was preparing to investigate the fugitive’s ties with the Kremlin.

Carles Puigdemont in the European Parliament.
Carles Puigdemont in the European Parliament.EFE
  • Courts Putin’s ‘messenger’ offers Puigdemont 10,000 Russian troops for independence
  • Investigation Carles Puigdemont meets with an envoy of Vladimir Putin at his official home before the unilateral declaration of independence

Four and a half years after his escape and months after finding out whether European justice favors his extradition to Spain, Carles Puigdemont is witnessing the definitive disappearance of his already diminished political credit, when evidence Growing manifold that Russia’s support for it is increasing. Catalonia’s independence at critical moments process,

confirmation that the fugitive had met the alleged Kremlin envoy, Nikolay SadovnikovThe day before parliament unilaterally declared independence and at that meeting 10,000 Russian troops and economic aid were offered to strengthen the secession in the face of the state’s definite opposition to the violation of the state’s territorial integrity, Puigdemont Depicts as a leader with few who don’t mind exploring controversial international alliances due to Europe’s lack of support for his sovereignty adventure.

With this heavy ballast, Puigdemont will face an examination of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), which calculates the sentence at the end of the year if the Supreme Court is competent to demand the delivery of the former president of the Generalitat. Spain. Already in July, the EU Advocate General will issue an opinion on the matter that, although not binding, will make it possible to speculate on the fate of the fugitive, who will by then abdicate all his political responsibilities. Final fight against justice.

On June 4, Puigdemont will cease to preside over the Juntas, a party he had founded two years earlier to destroy the last remnants of Convergnasia and which he is now leaving to his fate, which is a split between his two factions. Frightened has fallen into war, led by an accused Laura Borso and he who instructs forgiveness Jordi Turul,

In the midst of the shipwreck, Puigdemont escapes from his training as he did before theoretically free Catalonia. It does so after losing the Generalitat at the hands of the ERC and seeing how it attempts to revive it. process There is no effect from abroad.

Puigdemont has promised the Conseil per la Repubblica a new challenge to the state, but does not have the support of the rest of the separatist parties to execute it; Which is also a fugitive. is on track to lose the honorary degree of President Legitimate Which was credited after declaring himself out of remote control process from Belgium.

The European Union is also considering a progressive defacement of the often unnoticed MEP Puigdemont, which has suffered a notorious defeat at the Eurochamber in recent months. The fugitive could not stop the European Parliament from making preparations to investigate Putin’s ties to Russia, despite his maneuvers with Podemos to suppress reports on foreign interference, which recognized the repeated efforts of his allies. were-together josep lus aloy On top – for curry on the side of the Kremlin.

Nor did the European Commission admit to investigating the use of the Pegasus program, despite the fact that it was demanded by the Catalan independence movement and that the team of Puigdemont is one of the list examined by the CNI with judicial authority, as That was accepted by the Director of Spanish Intelligence. , peace stephen,

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