Renfe: Traveling from Madrid to Barcelona will be 31 euros cheaper by paying for highways and reducing cannon


Renfe chairman says paying for highways will transfer customers to train

Arrival on payment of toll on motorway
Arrival on payment of toll on motorwayEM
  • toll Pay for the highways: Madrid-Valencia will cost a minimum of 3.2 euros and a maximum of 31 euros

Renfe President, Isas Tabos, has said that reducing the canon per passenger and paying for the use of highways will also benefit the increase in train passengers and passenger recovery. Taboas forecasts a 16% drop in business trips when comparing March 2019 with March 2022before the pandemic.

Taboas made these statements at an informative breakfast at the Executive Forum, in which he explained the challenges that Renfe faces in the face of market liberalisation. “If we have to copy something from the competition, we will but we will fight with our weapons. What we’re not going to do is drive down prices because yes. If you sell tickets for 10 euros you have to pay the trains And that everything fits snugly so as not to lose money per train. You can make money just by vending or tying up, but you can never take a losing trip.”

In this sense, to be competitive, Taboas called for a reduction in Canon’s what Renfe pays per user. “The fee per passenger is 53% at Avalo and 44% at Renfe.” According to Taboas the cannon was lowered in Italy and the number of passengers increased.

Another factor hurting Renfe’s earnings and profitability is rising energy costs. “We haven’t been able to pass on the cost of energy on the ticket price. The energy cost was 7% and has multiplied by three, which affects profitability,” Tabos said.

“What we have to do is produce the energy for self-consumption and if the train doesn’t pass that energy we can pass it to the network, with which the investment required for self-consumption will be amortized in a year and a half.” three. But a regulatory change is necessary to be able to become a self-consumer”, explained the chairman of Renfe.

Yes, Renfe can install solar panels on the roofs of workshops to self-consume the energy needed for difficult maintenance tasks.

payment for the use of highways

Paying for road use, which is a very complex envelope in public transport policy, and which cannot be resolved overnight, is environmentally friendly. 2 euro cents per kilometer transfers to the railways which creates a reduction in emissions. If you paid 5 euros to go from Madrid to Valencia, you would save 13,000 tons of CO2 per year. I don’t know if 5 euros is a lot or a little money to go to Valencia? It is not up to me, but it is a debate that should take place in the society.”

With data to be managed by Renfe, paying for highway access and Canon’s reduction will drive prices down The route between Madrid and Barcelona was reduced by an average of 31 euros, Madrid-Seville 16 euros and Madrid-Valencia 13 euros.,

According to Renfe, if they pay 5 cents per kilometer to use the highways, they will save 38,600 thousand tons of CO2 and if they charge 10 cents, they will save 99,500 thousand tons of CO2 per year.

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