Residents of Ghost Kitchen amid relief and criticism of new limits: “The road to school is more dangerous every day because of riders”


The residents of Paseo Imperial are satisfied because they have been included in the new limits on these businesses.

Paseo de los Melanc.  delivery man in the kitchen
Delivery man in the kitchen of Paseo de los Melanclicos.
  • of standard Madrid bans ghost kitchens
  • controversial Neighbors angry at Ghost Kitchen being licensed: “We’re afraid it starts working”

satisfaction. it’s the majority sentiment residents of paseo imperial, in the Arganzuela district, having learned that their area will be included in the amendment of the Urban Rules of the General Plan for Urban Planning (PGOU). This does not happen with residents who already have an industrial kitchen and who are not affected by these changes that are not retrospective.

We can’t believe it ourselves! It takes a tremendous amount of weight off of us Because it allows the area to remain industrial, but limits the ghost kitchen. Our fear was not to enter new frontiers and that the kitchen would be set up without any control, declared yesterday the president of one of the affected communities, Juan Aresti.

The residents of these blocks are located between Paseo Imperial and Paseo de Melanclicos. they were in limbo, since its land is industrial with secondary, residential and tertiary activities. Amendment in rules to do away with ghost kitchens affecting only residential areas.

However, on Monday it was announced that it would also apply to Regional Standard 9 (Industrial) that resides within residential areas. In addition, according to urban planning sources, They are also involved in the moratorium on licenses for these businesses.Which will be extended till the regulation is approved, around the month of February 2023.

While waiting to learn the final text to be published on Thursday, residents are relieved: We thank the city council for being sensitive Esther Lomas, a neighbor in the neighborhood, hinted yesterday about our problems in these areas.

For now, these residents They already Cuyna. are suffering from smoke from the kitchen of Paseo Imperial, in 6 and at number 8 on the same street, has filed a controversial-administrative appeal against the license granted by the conservatory.

There is a loading and unloading area inside the Cuyna facilities, but Motorcycles don’t fit in rush hour And you find 25 mopeds on the sidewalk. The other day I had to go downstairs at 12:30 because they were cleaning the floor with machines and they were making a monstrous noise, Lomas complains.

New rules ban the possibility of ghost kitchens over 350 square meterslimits their number to eight and includes the obligation that they have loading and unloading areas within the premises.

transition duration

Great hunting neighbors of this time remain near which ghost kitchens were established. Before reforming urban regulationsBecause changes do not have retrospective effect.

For this reason, from the Regional Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Madrid (FRAVM) they insist that there be a transition period and the existing facilities be forced To adapt to changes.

The problem with the rules is that they don’t affect kitchens that are already in place. It’s Not Acceptable 20 Kitchens on Calle Jose Calvo in Tetun they don’t have a car park inside Criticizes Vicente Quintana, responsible for the urbanization of FRAVM.

In fact, residents of Jose Calvo in Tetun have taken up the entire road and works due to the fact that there was a deep sinkhole in the road in April, which neighbors attribute to it. heavy vehicular traffic that these industrial complexes have caused.

We have a road under construction and full of potholes. When there’s a football game, it’s crazyBecause people order a lot of food at home. Last Sunday, when the national team was playing, I counted 52 motorcycles, sorry to Julio Pando, one of the affected neighbors in Tetun.

Such is the case with the parents of the Miguel de Unamuno school in Delicias, who watch with concern how their children are filled with riders on the sidewalk leading to school. According to reports, traffic has increased after the arrival of these kitchens. Visio Burgers by former MasterChef winner Alex Puigo,

way to school it’s dangerous On the sidewalk and on the road with motorcycles moving in the opposite direction. We can’t be calmer, nor is it the desired school atmosphere, says censor Noelia Cabezas, a mother of two at the centre.

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