Residents of the center tired of living on film sets; Madrid “supports” 13,000 filmings a year.


Residents of the district today demonstrated against parking permits that the city council “indiscriminately” grants

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“It’s one week, and another, and the next.” A resident of the Centro neighborhood, which includes Lavapis, Palacio and Cortés, has spent weeks and months driving his car around the street in search of a parking space that exists and is there, but he cannot use. Is. They are reserved. Because “From the creators of Parque Temático Centro now comes Plat Cinematografico!”,

Today at 7:00 pm, they protest. They have called a rally on Santa Isabel Street because they are tired of being “constantly on film sets”. The problem isn’t the filming, it’s the business of public roads. President of Neighborhood Association of the Neighborhood of Las Letrasi, Victor Ray, tells EL Mundo that the city council “places indiscriminately.” They can’t find a place to park in their neighborhood and don’t offer concierge solutions. “We are seeing a decline in coexistence and an increase in conflict.” The king condemned that “Residents come and can’t find their car because it’s pulled over or they don’t have parking”, Not only do they have nowhere to park, but they assure that they see how those parking lots, which are reserved and unavailable to residents, are “mostly free” without being used by production companies.

Sometimes they don’t even have a place to walk normally. “There are people who can’t go on the sidewalk because they put up tents or equipment for filming, they have to go on the street, and that People with reduced mobility are at risk”, condemning Victor, saying that the problem is not in the cameras but in the lack of options.

Ordinance, “failed”

The residents of the center like to see themselves on the screen. “We’re excited to see our neighborhood on television, of course” The city itself generates “consistory” by allowing these activities. According to City Council figures, there are 13,000 filmings a year in Madrid. is one Sustainable Mobility Ordinance Which properly regulates the occupation of public roads in case of filming. It establishes that “it shall be authorized for a maximum period of two days, except Minimum 15 calendar days to authorize another business in the same area or in very close regions”.

Nothing is further from reality. Saturnino Vera, president of the La Latina Neighborhood Association, says he can give an example from this week: “Practically the entire neighborhood of La Latina is occupied from Sunday to Wednesday”, And it can be more specific: “On Cal Don Pedro they reserve one week and then the next.”

City HallHowever, this paper assures that authorization for occupation of public routes is granted “as long as the Mobility Ordinance is complied with”, but refuses to comment further,

center is The district of the capital where the maximum population has decreased In the last year. It was made public last January that it had lost 2,194 residents in the past twelve months. the understanding between the council and its residents is the intentions of the neighbors and They lament realizing that “the residents are more concerned with image and business than the neighborhood”.,

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