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Most drink diners without leaving the site, a concept imported from cities like New York and London in the purest style dinner showSweeps the capital with a multitude of options.

Along with Grupo Larumba, Salvaje Restaurant was one of the great pioneers of the 'dinner show' in Madrid.
Along with Grupo Larumba, Salvaje Restaurant was one of the great pioneers of the ‘dinner show’ in Madrid.
  • Laziness Late Anglo-Saxons have come to live
  • shows Salvaje, the restaurant that revolutionized Madrid

rise of social mediawhere one is reserved from the local eye, and high competition In the capital, as restaurants open every day adding to that endless list, it has inspired hotel offerings to differentiate themselves and go beyond the plate.

midnight dj, little ones shows Between tables captured with mobile phones and shared instantly, cocktail shakers to live… the formula dinner showwho was already dealing with the pandemic imported from major cities Like New York, Milan and London, Madrid won again.

Although it is true that in Bihar restaurant with show There are two Spaniards. “Not being able to chat with the guy on the street is terrifying,” said a well-known gastronomic critic in Gossip – “all that’s left is to DJ for Sacha”. and protector, the atmosphere makes her happy And realize that there is time for everything.

It’s clear that it works, judging by reservation waiting list, the double shifts that many of them set up and the large quantity of supplies, which spread like mushrooms. Here are a few options where apart from eating, you can also catch a glimpse of best dancer And also enjoy party like disco.

wild blessing

Wild Bless on Calle Vela
Located on Calle Velzquez, Salvaje Bless has another location on the same street called Arrogante.

Although the LaRumba Group was a great pioneer in this concept of restaurant, one drink and we stayed, The invincible tendency is attributed to Salvaje (SLVJ), A The Success Formula That Many RepeatBased on a high emphasis on gastronomy, with a signature Japanese fusion cuisine that incorporates mixology, a exotic interior design With a certain air of Amaznico by Sandro Silva, but signed by the iconic interior designer lazaro rosa violinand a study program a demonstration Where the music erupts in intensity, napkins blow in the air and dancers revolutionize the tables.

Such was the demand became the campus located in Velázquez An Italian, arrogant with a circus atmosphere, while Salvaje, which already has a presence in three Americas (Central, South and North), has moved inside the Hotel Bless on the same street. Today it is one of the most powerful labels planning an opening in Ibiza.

Average ticket: 70 euros per person.

C. de Velázquez, 62. Tel: 915 75 28 00.

zilu madrid

With its atmosphere, Zillow manages to bring people to Estaci
With his environment, Zillow manages to get people to the Chamartan station, in the attic, to have fun at night.

This is the restaurant everyone wants to be. Tennis Player Carlos Alcarazu Mutua went to visit him with his family to celebrate his win at Madrid Open, shares himself stories, But there are many more famous influential people That what they go regularlyLike actress Andrea Duro, model Juan Betancourt, businessman Rocco Camacho and even Frolín have been spotted there.

a kitchen concept that combines Spicy touch and mix of the world with live music and some cocktails to engage in nike air rosa, The party can continue in the LAB Room, also in the Chamarrton Penthouse facilities.

Average ticket: 60 euros per person. Tasting menu option.

Estacin de Chamarten, s/n, Planta Tico. Phone: 912 99 90 78.

aurora madrid

Aurora Madrid, on Alberto Alcosar Street, where the performances take place on Thursday
Aurora Madrid, on Alberto Alcosar Street, where performances take place from Thursday to Saturday.

Koh Tao Old Night Clubthat was before the pandemic place to bealready practiced dinner show With 69 petals. Now, the concept has been renewed Show Thursday to Saturday Night Aurora in Madrid. Piccolo’s Band Puts On The Soundtrack To bite with the rhythm of your eighties. This pop-rock composed of musicians such as David Ascanio (husband of Laura Sánchez and with a long musical career), Tolo Puyo (guitarist, composer and producer who is part of Miguel Bose’s musical group), Pedro Roncero, Dani Criado and Sir The band Python reinterprets the hits of the 80s and 90s with which it inspired entire audiences to dance and sing.

It also has a cabaret on Wednesdays with two professional dancers Acrodream and other bands such as Le Petit Fucking Band They range from more current to spectacular rock hits such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, Adele, Tina Turner or MClan and Pereza. Amidst a beautiful decoration with neon, named for it all Premios Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2022. This is the work of interior designer Aurora Guamez who is inspired by speakeasy from New York.

The average ticket for the restaurant is about 45 euros. You can only enter the concert (20 euros, one drink is included).

Alberto Alcosar, 32. Tel: 699 140 525/914 579 366.


fan fun night
Grupo Carbone’s Fantico has a waiting list for fun nights out.

this place of carbon group This is a fantasy Mediterranean and especially Spanish cuisine. Fantico’s Experience a . completed with Daring and surprising artistic proposals, With a team of dancers, singers and DJs who make their mark on the show, dance and music set the pace on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Thus, one day you can watch dinner and eat a a demonstration of classical ballet that grows until it sinks Universe dance, Instead of others, flamenco fucine Hailstone disco music Make an appearance from the 80s.

Every day is a different proposition and without a fixed place to complete it: starting at the bar or walking across the room between diners. staged the revenge You cooked On Thursdays and Sundays, Fantico creates a space where all the senses vibrate. To love to live.

Show with: Minimum consumption from 75 euros, depending on the location of the table.

Paseo de la Castellana, 43. Tel: 910 88 88 40.

The Rock Cats N Bulle

The Rock Cats, My Plan
Wednesday’s plan from the creators of The Rock Cats, Bulle Bulle’s Barbara Ann, Thundercat Club and RRR Club.

Every Wednesday, they promise to make the audience ‘rumble’ with joy and fun. The Weird And Careless Creator Barbara Ann, Thundercat Club and RRR Club (Viva Las Vegas Group) Have prepared a show in Bule Bulle for pop and rock lovers Who wants a very pleasant dinner. Melmanos thus has an appointment with Cat Goddess, the musical divinity, collection of night and rock and roll, which invites us to review the most important themes in history that are part of the soundtracks of our lives.

From The Rolling Stones, Queen or Michael Jackson, are some of the artists who return for a night on the ground floor and amphitheater of Bulle Bulle. origin dinner show complete Description, kindness and lots of laughs.

The average ticket is 40 euros.

C. Del Marques de Valdiglesias, 6. Tel: 914 38 05 53.

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