Revolution 11-J. Raises the fence of censorship and repression around the trial against the symbolic faces of


Castroism will put Maycale Osorbo and Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara on trial without guarantee and for which he will seek ten and seven years in prison respectively.

Diplomats from several European countries wait to arrive in court where Cuban artists and dissidents will be tried.EFE
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The Cuban Revolution Has Started This Monday the doors of his judicial circus against the artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara and against the rapper mekel osorbo, two of the most dissenting voices heard by the Cuban people. And he did it with a large police deployment and his usual “ordinary”: Harassment of activists and siege of independent journalists,

The censorship has included cutting internet service, in addition to all kinds of obstacles to obstruct European diplomats from attending an oral hearing at the Marianao Court in Havana starting Monday. The judges’ mission is to condemn the leader San Isidro Movement (MSI) already one of Patria y Vida, author of the liberal anthem,

“We have also recorded episodes of violence against relatives of activists who encountered fences and left their homes,” condemning the Cubalex organization, led by disgruntled lawyer Laritza Divertson.

Portal ’14ymedio’ reporter and winner of the El Mundo International Journalism Award, Luz Escobar, has once again faced harassment from state security, which has prevented her from leaving her building. A classic before any event on the island.

In a joint statement, both Amnesty International (AI) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) called for the immediate release of the two activists, Symbols of 11J, Social Rebellion of the Past Which has created a wave of repression on the island. “These prisoners of conscience are human rights defenders and artists who face a baseless and unfair trial, they should never have been imprisoned,” criticized Rica Guevara Rojas, director of AI for America.

repression against culture

the prosecutors of the revolution demand a Rapper Osorbo sentenced to 10 years in prison39, who is accused of public disorder, defamation of institutions, heroes and martyrs, contempt and assault, besides certain “facts”, for which he is already serving preventive prison since May 2021.

Not only does his letter weigh against him but his fundamental involvement in the song that won the grammy As in his covert appearance in the Cuban portion of a video shot in Old Havana. As for the revolution, also unforgivable are the incidents in April last year at the MSI headquarters in central Havana, when government agents tried to arrest the rapper and neighbors stopped him with their heavy presence on the street. An image that is already part of the democratic resistance against Castroism, in which Osorbo raised his fist and imprisoned his wrist with police handcuffs.

The hunger strike and the harsh conditions of his burial have affected the rapper’s health, the impact of which is notable in the popular Afro-Cuban areas of the capital. His family and friends fear for his life. After several lumps were found on her body, due to severe failure of her lymphatic system.

Osorbo is a fighter for independence in Cuba who doesn’t know what it means to be silent. In 2018 he was sentenced to a year and a half in prison for declaring himself against the already famous Decree 349, with which the creation of freelance writers is criminal. In one of his most famous protests, the rapper sewed up his mouth.

Too rebellious and too uncomfortable, his memes on Facebook particularly angered Miguel Diaz-Canel, who saw his initial popularity sparked by criticism and jokes on the social network.

“They have sabotaged my works of art and many more deviants the regime has made against my friends against me,” he denounced. Otero Alcantara Through an audio that he managed to get out of his cell and has to face a new jail sentence in recent days. the artist’s weight is one crcel. Seven petition to the people For the same fee as Osorbo, which is added to National symbols for “displeasure”After using the Cuban flag in a work of art he called ‘Drapeau’.

Behind the oppression against Otero is his pacifist leadership, without fanfare and always associated with his artistic expressions. As soon as he verified via the network that Cubans took to the streets on July 11 last year, the artist called his friends to the Malecón. The police did not let him go there either.

Organization ‘Prisoner Defenders’ Counts That Cuban State Keeps 1,015 political prisoners in his dungeonOut of which 874 are related to 11J protest.

“Why are they so afraid of them? Because they haven’t given up, because they haven’t been able to beat them,” replied writer Camilo Venegas to EL Mundo. ,In Cuba, justice is an instrument of repression, So in Marianao there will be more lesson to be learned than to judge or be judged. It will be made clear to young people that they have only two options: they give up their future and be subject to old age or they go into exile,” Venegas said.

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