Revolution strikes at discontent amid blackout crisis


Activist Sally Gonzalez is detained by state security after several hours of questioning in Santa Claras

pro-democracy activist Sally Gonzo
Pro-democracy activist Sally Gonzalez.Twitter
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The Castro Revolution’s new attack against dissent. pro-democracy activist Sally Gonzalez He is held in custody by state security in his hometown of Santa Clara after several hours of questioning. Renowned Entrepreneur, Invited by Joe Biden To America’s summit Whose visit was halted by the government last week, remains the victim of constant persecution from repressive forces, even as one of the undercover agents recently attacked her when she left the city in solidarity with the prisoners. I was walking alone. Luis Manuel Otero AlcantaraSan Isidro movement leader, and rapper mekel osorboOne of the creators of the liberal anthem Patria y Vida.

“It is reported that he may be charged with abetment to the commission of an offence. We demand that daz-canel (President of Cuba) their immediate independence. Defending human rights is not a crime”, reacted immediately Erica Guevara RossoDirector of Amnesty International (AI) of America. The flood of messages through social networks has further increased the demand for independence of the young woman.

“People want a change and change is already there,” Sally wrote shortly before she was arrested. He also publicly defended the family of Zoila Rodriguez, whose family has been unjustly imprisoned: her husband has been charged with treason with a nine-year sentence and her daughter Katya with 10 years’ imprisonment. All of them for participating in the 11J protests last year.

The arrest of Sally, who last year also served as one of the main arbiters of the archipelago with the playwright. Junior Garca Aguilera, deported today in Spain, coincides with a ban on leaving the country for two mothers of prisoners. is about lysette fonsecaRoberto Prez Fonseca’s mother, and Marta PerdomoJorge and the mother of Nadir Marta Perdomo, who were prevented from boarding an Iberia flight from Madrid to Havana, according to a complaint made by the Cuban Human Rights Observatory.

Both women were scheduled to meet with European officials. European Parliament and in the ONU, “As part of the abuse, they allowed them to obtain their boarding pass to eliminate the possibility of flight change or ticket refund,” ON complained.

The new attack comes as weeks are left for the first anniversary of the social uprising, a date feared by the authorities. There have been constant complaints in recent days about a blackout returning to the island by force, even as students this week Camaguay University He protested vehemently. Videos played at full speed through the social network, the only zone of freedom on the island.

“It would be irresponsible to say in the midst of such an adverse situation that the results are going to come suddenly, but we are sure that the results are going to come, even if they are slow, because a lot of the results are going to come. Work is being done,” Defended the President of Cuba, who plans to speak to the country in the next few hours.

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