RFEF approves new Luis Rubiales salary: 675,761.87 gross per year and 3,000 per month for housing rental assistance


The president of the Spanish Football Federation left the assembly during a vote on his salary, which he watched on television in a nearby room. “They want to create a lot of noise, but they can’t criticize anything about management,” he said.

Luis Rubiales during the RFEF assembly.
Luis Rubiales during the RFEF assembly.RFEFEFE
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At 12:00, as planned, the streaming broadcast of the Assembly of the Spanish Football Federation began. This was the only way to hear the clarifications that RFEF President Luis Rubiales assured would explain the mountain of pending issues that had accumulated over the course of a few busy weeks. For one who was not a member of the Legislative Assembly, only one way is considered. CSD itself Jose Manuel FrancoVia a letter requested some justification in respect of all the published information. Like a recording of the ministers and members of the Pedro Sanchez executive, published by El Confidential. On the way, Rubiales handed him the second division champion trophy, the President of Almeria, Turki Al-Alsheikh. There were no media or questions during an act where the President’s new salary was approved.

It was around 2:00 when Rubial decided to (provisionally) leave the auditorium of the Ciudad del Ftbol de las Rojas, as he was going to talk about his salary. The president of the RFEF announced, “I’m leaving the room until the offer is made. I’m going to watch it on a television they’ve provided me outside.” And from that television he saw how his salary was approved with 83 votes in favor and one vote, without questioning about it. This would be €675,761.87 per year, without variables for sponsorship or other links, and €3,000 per month in housing assistance. After unanimous approval, Rubiales returned to his place.

“There are people who compare me to the chairman of the government, but this is a private sports body. We considered having transparency to compare with other CEOs, but they would be very recognizable by everyone. President of RFEF are one of them who earn the least both quantitatively and professionally. Sometimes we compare pears to apples,” said the interested party on the matter.

“Not even the most optimists could have guessed these numbers. With them and with this management as always the attacks on the Five Clubs are not understood. Nor are the RFEF staff providing confidential information. It is overwhelming that our These numbers happen in the country”, Rubiales had previously insisted, after a more than one-and-a-half hour-long exposition on Federation figures. By the way, Tomas Gonzalez Cuatowhich deals with legal matters, had tried to suppress the potential conflict of interest Gerard PiquéOf which the Barca centre-back and chairman of Kosmos, an arbiter in the talks of the Super Cup in Arabia, were accused.

“We accept 33 million from Qatar”

Listing the RFEF’s economic growth under its mandate, after bragging about its management (in sponsorship, from 30 to 83 million; in television rights, from 61 to 129; in budget, from 146 to 406; from competitions In earnings, from 13 to 76), and while boasting about the modernization of the competitions, Rubiales mentioned a few issues that affected him:

– “There was a possibility of bringing the Super Cup to Qatar. They were conditional on the Qataris’ acceptance of 33 million euros (they receive 40 per year from Qatar). There was no concrete offer. If they had accepted it, we would have would have left for Qatar”.

– “We understand that when there is no content, a breeding ground is created that generates expectation and popular disapproval. They want to generate a lot of noise when nothing can be drawn from or criticized by management. The Super Cup has been a lifeline for Spanish football, especially for the most modest. We have gone from 120,000 to 40 million euros”.

– Trip to New York: “RFEF covers a trip there. Two aides and I go. The Federation doesn’t cover anything else. It’s a work trip with accredited meetings. Nothing more. Fake stuff.” A noise has been created around. Two names of those accompanying me appear in the document. I am only going to be accountable for my work.”

There were no questions and, as expected, all issues submitted by the RFEF proceeded. Two and a half hours into the Ciudad del Ftbol de las Rojas where Luis Rubiales walked away smiling as he entered. “In the face of lies and manipulation, we are going to continue with rigor as a flag,” was his epilogue.

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