Ribera is confident that the gas price cap will be reached “before the Andalusian election”.


That is to say, according to the minister, the Iberian exception will come at the latest on 19 June.

Teresa Ribera during the Davos Forum.
Teresa Ribera during the Davos Forum.World

Third Vice President of Government and Minister of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Theresa Rivera, believes that the Iberian exception, the executive’s proposal to reduce the electricity bill, will come “imminently”. In particular, the minister framed Brussels’ approval of the measure “before the Andalusian elections”.

Spain and Portugal argued before the European Commission that, since their systems are less dependent on gas for electricity generation, they should not pay the same price for this fuel as other countries. Brussels accepted, but it has yet to be formalized and the varying deadlines given by the government itself for final approval have passed.

In early May, for example, Isabel Rodriguez, the minister for territorial policy and government spokesman, assured that all that was left was to finalize some “technical details” and that she expected it to be done in a few days. . However, a month has passed.

Now, Ribera has set a date for himself once again, and he has chosen an important date for it: “Sounds like a good date to me before the Andalusian elections.” ie, it will come, at the latest, June 19As detailed by the Minister in the statements made to the press on the occasion of XXXII Enerclub Energy Awards Europa Press,

Regarding the various delays, the spokesperson assured that “nothing is happening more slowly in detail and complexity than could be anticipated”.

In any case, the cap on gas, and the resulting reduction in the bill, will apply after the approval process, although its application will also depend on these technicalities. The exception would limit the cost of gas for electricity generation to a maximum of 50 euros per megawatt hour.

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