Ribera spins and now refuses to touch fuel rebate again


As the minister explained, they don’t find threads to focus on those who need it most.

The third vice president of government at the headquarters of the ministry.
The third vice president of government at the headquarters of the ministry.ferdinand alvaradoEFE

The government’s third vice president and minister for ecological transition and demographic challenge, Teresa Ribera, has closed the debate on amendments to fuel exemptions just 24 hours after opening that door. Thus, now Ribeira has assured that “for now” everything indicates that the measure will be extended until September 30, without touching the conditions. that is, 20 cents per liter And for all consumers, regardless of income.

As explained by the minister on Telecinco, the government’s economic team is working to see how and if it is possible to “focus” the bonus so that it reaches professionals, vulnerable groups and the middle class, but this formula The search doesn’t end. ,

“That point depends on whether we manage to find that answer or as everything seems, for now, it’s reasonable to continue to maintain the generalized relaxation,” the vice president said.

ups and downs within the government when Only two weeks left for the bonus to expire, which, in theory, was supposed to come into force only by June 30. However, the executive announced its plans to retain this bonus during the summer and give it three more months of life, and then the possibility of changing its operations was valued.

However, this option reappeared with little time to implement the tools needed to make everything work correctly. Already when the current relaxation was introduced on 1 April, gas stations criticized overcrowding in the processing and activation of the measure, causing chaos, queues and confusion in some stations during the first weekend of operation, as the system did not They were ready enough. In addition, he criticized the uncertainty involved in moving the funds themselves.

On the other side of the scale appears the fact that it is a general aid without income bias. This study received criticism from tax experts, the European Commission or the IMF, as there is a direct correlation between fuel consumption and income levels. It was, as even voices within the government pointed out – the most vocal, of Yolanda Diaz and Alberto Garzán – aided by a broad brush and polluting paint.

Thus, as Ribera pointed out in an interview on TVE, the government was considering revising the exemption with this renewal if it found a “fast and agile” way to do so. “We are looking into whether there are more appropriate ways to specify the target subjects in favor of these measures,” the energy transition minister declared at the time.

treasure, with caution

At the Treasury he has always been more cautious, pointing out that Moncloa’s initial plan was to extend the decree, drawn up with a universal discount of 20 cents. And, furthermore, there is a very limited time to extend the criteria since it expires on June 30.

Develop an alternative model in which the discount is effectively focused on the lowest fare will require more time and work, For this reason, when it was initially approved, the government defended the universality of the measure as the fastest way to deal with a serious problem.

There was already skepticism at the time, and criticism has only grown in recent months. For example, FEDIA or the Bank of Spain have pointed out that the model chosen was clearly reformable, and in a body directed by Pablo Hernández de Casas they denounced the “regressiveness” of the exemption, i.e. it gives higher incomes to higher incomes. gives .

Curiously, that same regressiveness is what the government appeals to. To reduce the tax benefits of private pension plans, However, and although it has three months to find the alternative form that benefits the least income the most, the one that benefits the most income and also requires a financial effort for the taxpayers. who don’t even use the car. change in this case.

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