Robey Iniesta: “Live Nation sued me for 3 million euros”


Extremoduro. still a difficult issue due to the unsuccessful departure of

Robert Iniesta
Rob Iniesta, hours before he starts his new tour.Kiko HuescaEFE
  • Interview Robey Iniesta: “The moral atmosphere makes me sweat, I can’t even think about it”
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just a few hours before the new tour of Macintoshmusic project that Robert Iniesta Started with a new band other than Extremoduro, this eccentric musician is clearly inspired by, whose head is higher in the present than in the past, though he states that the unsuccessful departure of his former group is still a difficult issue. Used to be.

“(Live Nation) sued me for 3 million euros for the interviews I explained to these things (canceling the tour) and basically To call them a kiss when it comes to returning money“, he informs Efe, just before informing him that, on the recommendation of his lawyer, he cannot say much.

It all goes back to 2020 and the outbreak of the pandemic, which Extremoduro. forced to say goodbye to First in the fall of that year, then in the spring of 2021. “It looks like he’s allergic to the word return of some sort. He didn’t even mention it in his statement. On top of that, he wanted us to sign this together. You gotta dodge!”, Iniesta then opposed.

May 2021 arrived and, given the impossibility of persuading him even with the capacity he had originally sold, the promoter said it had put everything off for 2022 for lack of “conformance” of the musician, something he called rejected. Finally, in August, he announced that Live Nation sent him a bureaufax saying “he terminated the touring contract and, therefore, he canceled it”.,

“I just said that after postponing the second one and then, you can’t postpone a third and spend another year tied to a contract without knowing if those concerts can be done. I said we would set the dates when the pandemic would end, but they didn’t have the patience. They canceled the contract and managed very badly to refund the tickets.“, he emphasizes today.

Tour with 40 concerts

This whole matter has come to the fore once again during a conversation with Efe For Rob’s visitWhich starts this Saturday in Cáceres and has 40 dates making it one of the longest of the year, listing the measures taken during the first part of the tour, such as 15 days before each Box office opening concert to prevent changes due to new restrictions.

“Either I’m too avant-garde or I’m crazy, but this idea seemed to us the most ethical and legal, because it can’t be that you buy a ticket and then change the terms,” ​​he insisted. Concern for his audience appears more frequently throughout the interview, when he admits that, if it were up to him and his band, they would devote themselves to playing new material, like their latest album, myeutics (2021), but because of his followers he can’t stop making songs from his platform exremoduro,

,at home you won’t see me touching things 25 year oldBut when you see they get sentimental, those songs take on another meaning”, says the author of the iconic pieces of Spanish rock. i’m a joker, Happens hey Vacation, their new material vagueA song he wrote during his imprisonment due to COVID-19 and which talks about building a different world in which things he doesn’t understand don’t happen.

“It seems to me above all what we are doing to the planet, some people who wanted to get everything possible for the present and what happens to those who are sweating. It is not easy to understand,” declared Who does he believe that “art is to serve to awaken the conscience, to see things in a different way”. confirms that There’s Enough Material for Upcoming Robb Album But what is this vague Which is nothing more than “candy” to satisfy the appetite of the public until the album comes out. In 2023, maybe? “Undoubted”He answers briefly.

In fact, they will be busy until 12 November, when they stop with concerts in San Cristóbal de la Laguna de Tenerife, such as the Madrid Essena (with tickets sold out) on 11 June, the one in Badajoz on 22 June. Arab Alcazaba, Pirinos Sur festival in Huesca on 5 August or Parc del Forum in Barcelona on 1 October, among many others.

“Open” to collaborate on studies

In the week that Spain met other legendary rockers, The Rolling Stones, it’s worth asking him whether he sees himself in the future with nearly 80 years on stage. “Of course I’m not going to retire on my own two feet. If I get arthritis, I’ll stop playing guitar; If my feet can’t hold me, I’ll sit and play”, he replies. That’s always,” he predicts.

In this sense, she is “open” to working in the studio with someone who has often shown her appreciation for her as she is. Daniel Martin, “You can make music with anyone. I’m also very open and I don’t care about one genre or another. If it excites me, it excites me“But it’s good to do things together”, he assures, before admitting that the mere speed at which he works prevents him from collaborating, before quickly getting back together with his bandmates. takes hold.

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