Robles saves Paz Esteban’s head and finds himself in an internal battle at Moncloa.


The government is headed for the downfall of the director of intelligence services in the transfer of independent people

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Pedro Sánchez welcomes Argentine President Alberto Fernández at La Moncloa.Europa Press
  • spy Government dismisses Paz Esteban as director of CNI in order to placate his colleagues for listening to Pegasus
  • council of ministers Robles does not explain the “errors” of the head of the CNI and justifies the change in the need to “promote” the secret services.

Government I had made up my mind, but I needed an excuse. Justification. I found it in the report of National Cryptologic Center (CCN), linked to the CNI, which confirmed that breaches in state security were not limited to spying on the cell phones of Pedro Sánchez and Margarita Robles, but a failed attempt at the interior minister, Fernando Grande-Marlasca, and the head of agriculture, Luis Planas. . There are already mistakes, unfortunate incidents, they explain in the government, as support and reasoning for the dismissal of the director of CNI.

The government’s president is determined to redirect political relations with the ERC, which have been damaged and deteriorated. Pegasus CaseThe spying of pro-independence leaders by the secret services, including the president of Pere Aragon Catalonia, Therefore, although there were voices in the PSOE that were committed to delaying the decision, Pedro Sánchez wanted to offer the ERC the immediate sacking of Paz Esteban, as a gesture to the independent people, to assuage their discomfort. . Arrive at the meeting with Aragon in the next few days, which has already ended,

The forced departure of the CNI chief is against the Defense Minister’s norms. Robles defended his actions until the last minute, and was unable to explain the reasons for the decision in the presence of an explanation. It did not provide enough arguments to explain why an officer should be sacked, in the CNI’s wiretap on 18 pro-independence leaders who acted in compliance with the law and under judicial authority.

All actions performed by the CNI are always in accordance with the law and with judicial authority, Robles defended. Not everyone on the government side shares this vision and states that the spying on the cell phones of Sanchez and the two ministers reflects the need to strengthen security protocols in the CNI, in order not to interfere with members’ cell phones again in the future. can be done. of government. There is also talk that what happened is the unfortunate events that justify Esteban’s dismissal.

‘Pegasus case’ and its management cause “discomfort” in PSOE

Government sources asked about the errors committed by the CNI referred to the fact that it should be ruled by justice, as the government has filed a complaint for espionage. However, Esteban’s departure comes at a time when even the courts have not ruled. You already know what the reasons are, other government sources respond, in a clear indication of pressure from libertarians and structures like the ERC.

These contrasting views suggest that conflict within the government has not subsided. The struggles for the quota of power were as follows. Between the Presidency and the Defense it was clear who was responsible for the security of Sanchez’s cell phone; This was evidenced by the intention of La Moncloa to abdicate all responsibilities and purge him in the director of the CNI against the steadfast protection carried out by Robles; And this is evidenced in the designation of the successor of Paz Esteban.

Among the names that took over the leadership of the Secret Services was General Miguel ngel Ballesteros, the current Director General of the Security Department, who was assigned the presidency of the government. His appointment would mean keeping a highly trusted person from the prime minister’s team as the head of the intelligence services.

However, the person ultimately chosen is Esperanza Castellero Llamazaires, Minister of the Supreme Confidence of Robles, not in vain, he was the director of his cabinet in the ministry and is currently the Secretary of State for Defense.

Margarita took her name, CNI director named Margarita, she is not named, government sources reveal. Thus, defense has won in the struggle for relief.

I am pleased that the Secretary of State for Defense is the new director of the CNI because it is time to escalate a complex situation, not only because of the war in Ukraine, but also because of cyberattacks, Robles explained. The fact that it was the Minister of Defense who gave the explanation means that he has submitted himself to the head of the CNI, but Robles’ departure is not considered, as the demands of the libertarians continue.

The elections in Andalusia and the meeting with Aragon were in the background

The movement and session is Paz Esteban. No Oaks. In government they completely abandon it. I have been serving my country for four years and will continue to do so. I am very proud to be part of the Pedro Sánchez team. If he and I share anything, it’s that we are with the citizens, especially the most vulnerable, with the reflective Robles. At La Moncloa they know and believe that he is one of the most valuable and most accepted ministers. In addition, their position counteracts movements or gestures towards independence.

So, Robles was forced to give up the head of the CNI director, but she emerged stronger from her conflict with the Bolaos.

In any case, what is expected in the government and in the PSOE is that the Pegasus case can be redirected as soon as possible, a crisis that at its beginning was undermined in the executive. The case creates unease in the party, exposing socialist sources to a sense of separatism and even conflict within the government. The image that has been transferred to some parties using state institutions for partisan interests above national interests was worrying.

Under no circumstances am I going to accept the game that some freedom fighters are playing by giving the impression that they are victims when they are in fact criminals. They are not going to change history, Castilla-La Mancha president Emiliano García-Page complained on Tuesday. I worry that people like Junquera are making fun of this country by saying they spy a lot but they haven’t found the ballot boxes [del 1-O], This is a serious country, you don’t need to play with important things.

For example, in Andalusia, he hoped that La Moncloa would resolve the issue as soon as possible, as he feared coming to the preamble of the election, as the matter was open and the nationalists had stopped the socialists, who were not in their hopes. could have reduced it further. .. down vote and tarnish image. Hence the rush to La Moncloa to put up firewalls.

At PSOE he believed that the separatists’ blackmail could be defused when La Moncloa communicated espionage on Sánchez and Robles’ cell phones, but the management of the problem prolonged the concern.

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