Roca Re breeds against 3,549 kg of meat


The Peruvian imposes himself like a king on a meek man in a lively act without a sword; Failure of Fuente Yambro with a run attacked by Kilo and Older, bottomless

Roka Re's mighty right hand
Roka Re’s mighty right handJavier Barabancho

Gins rediscovered his traces of blood, which had fallen just 10 days earlier. And the square exclaimed respect for yesterday’s honesty, today’s manhood. Undone Paselo, lying on the leg. Montera in hand, thanks to the cheerleaderHe is going. A fresh breeze from the north shook the flags and refreshed the atmosphere, even so full of them. But below, in the arena, the wind was messing with the hat.

The fifth was hung in the slipstream of Roca Rey, with no ticket from San Isidro, and behind him, led by Diego Urdiales, who opened the poster. Historico served as the battered ram of a bullfight very well done in its seriousness, but past age – all five years, some on the range of six – and weighing a lot on the scale. an average of 591 kg; Total 3,549. A bet from Ricardo Gallardo. But not only that, of course, there exists the highest figure, capable of defending itself. Without a motor to proceed, the bullfight set in, his blood weighed down by lead, immeasurable.

historical He measured his measured strength, his rare bravery, his kindness without a spark, his 587 kg … breath in the cape of Urdiales, which changed the terrain. I want punishment on a horse, I ain’t got no more life later. Work opening for three series of passes, ditch and four right hands with the same parameters: good drawing with low thrust attack in each pass. Diego insisted on others and influenced his belief in the soft with Métisca.

Roka Ray, the expected one, put in his favor the feeling that a Papudo bull lacked, deep jowls, short hands, low box. 596 kg in that box. brilliant. I at least bleed it, seeing that there was some option, calculating the expected background. And it was taken away by Chikulinas who climbed from its fits, reeling from a heart attack. Fuentembro points things out in Antonio Chacán’s struggle to favor the work of inertia—disgrace, apparent progress…—. Javier Ambell made two sensational pairings. Who applauded Like in RR Opening Statue, when there was still some hope. But outside the stripes, so open, the bull began to weigh both the land and the tonnage. Holding firmly to the Peruvian, he ran with his right hand, with whom he has been fighting exceptionally well this season. The recoil of an already costly attack began to falter, with no return or parallel to the second line. Everywhere the bull was missing, which began its prospecting in the arena. It had been some time. Roka put her left side to follow.

Chestnut fifth beautiful lines could not be with his soul. Protests did not take place in the green dupatta, perhaps because it lacked definite decadence. I looked out of the corner of my eye at the hats on the show: even from Fuente Yumbro! still. Gins Marn acronym. As was also the chapter of Diego Urdiales with the bull in brief, which broke the harmony of the bullfight from above, a horse crowned by two formidable espabilidars. A mass –615 kg – is created upwards. A bastard, moreover, who was stubborn to the right and left. The thing about Arnedano Bass is that it should be noticed. I sometimes solved it by breaking the conviction.

Manse also everything and the fifth in a chaotic fight, without bleeding, as usual, in the breastplate. Roca Re bets on that movement, at least. And RR needs movement. I left the fountain and, watching my dreams, he found the Inca lying on the ground. And he ran in such a way that I rescued him from the crutches, and not the caste. He ran to his account to catch a series of right-handers, drawing sparks from the dragon men, radial-like way of scoring. The animal did not expect the government that had intimidated him, and wanted to go to the gates of the bullpen, in Querencia, Querencia. There, Roca grew up, with his heels on his heels, arrogance, audacity and ambition, leaving the escape—which left him distracted—in a fight with the meek. That with his atheist background he responds with brutal and cowardly attacks, but always from the bottom up. I climbed the lines of the preferential, the convulsions of the sun and shadow war; 7 did not understand. The stampede of drums, flats, rokas dominated. And he passed the dagger through his back and also to the left that the escapees got short circuited. He put everything. and pedestrian square. The last Bernadiens set fire to the Coliseum, the Colossus opened. When it came time to kill, he chose the fate that would have come – quite the contrary – if the bull’s butt had not had pigs. Twice a pinch, again, one sang victory. When he attacked in his natural destiny, the bull took the sword. A final ovation with Madrid surrendering, but not winning, closing its route through San Isidro.

Sales Monument. Wednesday, May 25, 2022. Eighteenth of the fair. No ticket leno. Fuente Ymbro’s bulls, last cinqueos, all past cinqueos, serious, built, heavy; Unfathomable, to pull the engine forward.

Diego Urdiales, In Green Hope and Gold, Metisaka (silence) in basses. Puncture and deep puncture and pitting (silence) in the fourth.

Roka Re, blue and gold. Corner lunge (ovation). In the fifth, two punctures and a lunge. Information (Congratulations).

Corinth and the Gins Marn of Gold, Loudness (silence). In the sixth, the lunge. Alert (silent).

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