Roca Rey arrives, El Juli returns, Las Ventas will be a volcano: “There is not a single entry for these two days”


This Friday, May 20, Toms Rufo confirmed with Talvante as a witness; Today the land of Peru lies with the Manzanares to confirm the adron. 45,000 people will demolish the world’s first square in two afternoons

Born on May 11 in Las Ventaso in El Juli
Born on May 11 in Las Ventaso in El JuliAntonio Heredia
  • Toms Rufo: “Fighting stats implies a 200% need”
  • and el julie, freed from teaching, ate the cast

Madrid is burning at over thirty degrees and forecasts predict a fire in Las Ventas turned into a volcano with the landing of Roca Rey from today – with Jose María Manzanares [confirma Fernando Adrin con toros de Victoriano del Ro], But when the madness has been spread to the level of the stratosphere, it is for the cartel of tomorrow. there is no ticket, What happened?

Of all 29 bullfights at the San Isidro Fair, this was the first without a ticket on May 20, even before the first poster with ready-made paper, sold Of May 11, when -the capital- El Juli, also announced at 20-M, multiplies the halo, closing the circle. The ticket pressure is tremendous. There is nothing there. Neither in VIP nor in resale, This was the first one in the whole series that sold everything, then today’s [Manzanares y Roca Rey, o vivecersa], And for the next week, 25, 26 and 27 are already sold out. Let’s see if we get lucky and have a Puerta Grande, which is even more exciting, says Rafael Garrido, the head of Plaza 1.

What bothers the expectation on the 20-M? JL’s last blast—highlighting his state of grace from Seville—is the icing on the second half of four afternoons after Alejandro Talavante’s reappearance in Spain, with La Quinta, and Toms Rufo’s confirmation, with a bang. Comes – in his presentation at Maestranza Beyond the Puerta del Principe, the determination of the conditions he anticipated, the range of his left, the sound of his hat, the cannon of the sword. Of the seven runs he has added since taking the option September 11, 2021 He hasn’t always landed the winning car among the figures: they’re two posters in the middle of San Isidro. This is my confirmation. As far as I have been able to fight, things have been pretty good. [Cuatro orejas en su alternativa en Valladolid; cuatro orejas en su primera feria, La Magdalena de 2022; tres en Sevilla…], the public will wait for me a certain way to measure me, on the contrary, what I am talking about is true or coincidental, said TR in an interview published by EL Mundo in his San Isidro special. The responsibility of fighting the figures is another, the scale is different. That these people have done a great job for the bulls and I don’t want to be left behind. That means demanding 200% from me to try to match them, concluded the bullfighter with missile speed at the top of the ranks.

month of 45,000 people will demolish the world’s first square Between these two afternoons of San Isidro that give maximum legitimacy to bull fighting in the 22nd year of the 21st century.

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