Rocco Marquez: “I defend an inclusive and diverse flamenco”


Will Cantora and urban and electronic music producer Bronchio publish ‘Terser Cielo’, an album they will take to festivals and flamenco clubs?

Huelva-born singer Roc
Singer Roco Márquez in Madrid.Xavi Martinez
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singer stop mirquez (Huelva, 1985) Beginning in flamenco along the purest path. She won the mining lamp fourteen years ago, singing in flamenco competitions and clubs since childhood festival of union In Murcia, a classic of the most conservative flamenco. He delved into his art and did his doctoral thesis on vocal technique in flamenco. outstanding sack cum praise,

But soon they began to mingle with other music and took the same stage as jazz artists, groups indies Or even rock and DJ. If not, I get bored, launch Cantora.

But he never went that far with his new album, third heaven (Universal), with urban and electronic music producer cooked over a very slow fire santi gonzalo, bronchus, If possible make flamenco free since electronic rebellion. yes it has become one unstable travel Because, when you let go of what you know and allow yourself other things, a box opens that you can’t control, but that’s very flamenco. Flamenco is not limited, maybe it was me who was limiting myself. And Roko let her hair down.

But is it flamenco?
At another time in my life, I’m intent on saying out loud that yes, it’s flamenco, but right now I don’t need it. We’ve done it with that vision and we feel it and defend it that way, but I respect all views that may arise as we defend an inclusive and diverse flamenco.
Why is it Flemish?
For flamenco and folklore beats and melodies, as well as harmony, beats and lyrics. It’s obvious, but above it is attitude. I told Senti that he was flamenco even before making this album, because of the attitude and gusto.

But Senti, Bronquio, Joe. comes from the world of Electronics and FestivalsLived completely oblivious to flamenco, although he was familiar with it because in his city of Jerez, there is a cult of this art and, if you have a first cantorThis is something you can show off in school. And flamenco is something that is floating around in the environment: at the city’s festivals and in bars, Bronquio admits. And, deep down, there’s connection point Between electronics and flamenco.

I’ve found links where it doesn’t seem so, especially in folktales. What does Palo de los Verdiels have to do with this? party, intermittentness, difference…, shows the bronchus. and with Mumblestop intervenes, who believes same energy In both sound universes.

Stop Marquez.Xavi Martinez

Ali blow the limits Between flamenco and electronics, Rocco Marquez and Bronchio have not attempted to search for originality or show the avant-garde as that mix is ​​already happening. This is a logical and contemporary move because what now dominates is electronics. It’s the tool that’s out there that beginner artists go for. Without electronics, flamenco diessentence bronchus.

third heaven It is full of literary and poetic references. Contemporary writers have songs, such as Carmen Camacho, Mackie has paid off, Luis Garcia Monteiro, Antonio Manuel Or stop yourself Markaz. Also estn san agustin, Lorca, Miguel de Unamuno or the same Antonio Myrena,

Rocco Marquez and Bronchio have worked for it From on disk. whole week passed locked at home of Cantora, watching documentaries, listening to music, discovering and forming groups. with ups and downs. This was after the pandemic, right after the harshest confinement of the coronavirus crisis. Roko explains, we didn’t have a job, but I really wanted to make one. For the Bronchio, K17 Subjects third heaven, they would not be possible or COA in any other ecosystem that would not have it. And, above all, these collaborations are good for subdue the ego And to learn, stop stops.

And this electronic flamenco, from mestizo, Mumble And of course, where is it going to ring?
I want it to be at Snar and Flamenco Club, which is very appealing to me, although we might get a JB bottle in the face and Rocco wouldn’t like it very much. But Cantora answers why not?

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