Roland Garros: Domination, Resistance and Millions: 22 Figures for Rafa Nadala’s History


92 titles, 63 on the ground, about $130 million… are some of Majorcan’s records.

The hands of Rafa Nadal, throughout the match.
The hands of Rafa Nadal, throughout the match.EFE

isn’t he Rafael Nadal Have stopped time, but made it your own. His 22 Grand Slam titles, two more Roger Federer You Novak Djokovik, reinventing careers without equal in the history of tennis. A future that speaks of longevity and resistance (he just turned 36), stage dominance, notably at Ronald Garros, a fetish tournament he has won 14 times, and financial rewards. That his figures also serve as a common thread of legend.


Those are millions of dollars that Rafa Nadal has earned in his career. An amount that is, yes, less than Djokovic ($156,136,601) and Federer ($130,594,339).


They are Nadal’s win-loss during his career, more than Djokovic’s (1001–203), but far behind Federer’s (1251–275)


They are Nadal’s win-loss in the Grand Slam tournament. The 87.9% win in the Big Four is bettered only by the Borg with 89.2%. He is followed by Djokovic (87.4%) and Federer (86%).


They are the finals reached by Nadal in a Grand Slam tournament. Federer and Djokovic set the final record with 31.


Those are the titles taken by Nadal. He is still ahead of Ivan Lendl (94), Roger Federer (103) and Jimmy Connors (109).


These are the years he has been winning at least one title in a row: 2004 to 2022. He is the highest ever and Djokovic is with 17.


This is the winning percentage in the finals. Thomas Muster is the historical leader with 81%.


what aces Nadal achieved in a figure he never stood out. Ivo Karlovic is the historic leader with 13,653. The S was always a good weapon for Federer with 11,411.


They are a double fault in Nadal’s career. Djokovic, sometimes jittery with nerves in capital moments, went up to 2,666. Federer, yes, there are 2,759 double faults above both.


This is Nadal’s success percentage on his first serve. Djokovic (64.9%) and Federer (62.1%) are behind.


This is the percentage of breaking balls saved by Nadal. Federer is slightly up (67.3%), not Djokovic (65.5%).


This is the percentage of games won in which Nadal worked. Karlovic is the historical leader (92%).


This is the percentage of break points won by Nadal. Federer is at 41% and Djokovic at 44%.


it is a percentage of tie break Nadal won in his career. Federer was always somewhat more reliable (65%), but so was Djokovic (64.6%).


This is the percentage of the last sets won by Nadal. Unlike Djokovic, with 73.1%, Federer is somewhat less credible in the capital set (65.2%).


They are Nadal’s win-loss after losing the first set. Rod Laver achieved an incredible 92-92. Nadal is sixth in the historical rankings, with Djokovic second (131-165).


They are Nadal’s win-loss in the deciding set. Federer is the historical leader (235–128) above David Ferrer (199–115) and Djokovic (197–75).


He is Nadal’s clay court title, the undisputed leader. Guillermo Vilas was on 49 and Thomas Muster was on 40.


They are Nadal’s win-loss on clay. Vilas settled his race with 681-173 and Manolo Orantis with 569-170.


This is the percentage of games won by Nadal with serve. Federer went up to 88.8%, while Djokovic is much closer to Nadal (85.8%).


The most and only opponent he has faced is with Davydenko (5–6) in matches played against Djokovic, with whom he has a negative balance to play five times or more: 29–30.


Those are the Olympic gold medals won by Nadal. One person in Beijing 2008, and the other in doubles with Marc Lopez at Rio 2016.

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